A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 969

This fat store manager seems to be a hegemon in this ten-mile radius.
I have money at home, I have a store in my hands, and I’m not stingy when I go out to dinners on weekdays, so my popularity nearby is undoubtedly very good.
After this call, more than a dozen Hupengou friends were actually called.
“Brother Biao, what’s the matter?”
“How good is this? Call us.”
In the jewelry store, the dozen or so big guys who had been called asked with a smile to the fat store manager who was a bottle.
“Nothing serious.”
“There is a bastard who wants to make an appointment with me.”
“Call a few brothers over and give me a place in town!”
“Today’s business is over, don’t leave. I will treat you to dinner in the star-rated hotel tonight.” The fat boss said boldly.
“Don’t talk about eating, we want to know, which thing that hasn’t lived or died came to Biao brother’s place to make trouble?”
“I don’t think I want to live anymore?”
The dozen big guys asked in doubt.
Soon, the fat boss identified Ye Fan.
“So it’s a brat?”
“You’re not old, it’s quite annoying, but the girl next to me is really eye-catching.”
“Brother Biao, I think your appointment is fake, is it true to want a girl from someone else?”
There was a piercing laughter from the shop.
The eyes of everyone in front of Xu Lei were fiery and wanton.
After all, it’s really rare to see such a beautiful girl. If you can have a spring night with this kind of girl, then you will be a ghost.
“Boy, what?”
“Now you know that you are afraid?”
“However, if you ask your woman to accompany our brother for a few drinks tonight, I can assume that today’s matter has never happened.”
The fat boss obviously also fell in love with Xu Lei, and suddenly became unruly and sneered.
Ye Fan looked at them, but shook his head: “Afraid?”
“On this person?”
Ye Fan smiled contemptuously.
“Good boy, still pretending to be here?”
“Okay, call someone.”
“If you can’t call someone today, I will kill you!”
The fat boss was undoubtedly furious. He didn’t expect that a young man dressed up as a dick would be so mad.
When death is approaching, I’m still talking about it!
“Brother Biao, this kind of stunned green, what do you have to say to him?”
“Let the brothers, we just hit it and it’s over.”
The others shook their heads and spoke with disdain.
But the fat boss waved his hand: “Play with him first, today I have to convince this bastard to kneel down!”
Ye Fan smiled proudly at this time: “Let me call someone?”
“Okay, then as you wish!”
When the words fell, Ye Fan immediately picked up the phone and dialed Xue Renyang.
“Dragon Lord, where have you been?”
“The boxing match is about to begin.”
“You must not delay.”
Xue Renyang himself was anxious and solemn for the survival of Guan Xue’s family in this Yanjing boxing competition, so he asked Ye Fan if he had gone to Yanqi Lake.
“I’ll talk about the boxing match later.”
“I’m having a little trouble here. Someone surrounded me and asked me to call someone casually. Otherwise, I would play with my woman at night.”
Ye Fan said lightly.
When Xue Renyang heard it, he stared at him with old eyes, as if he had been struck by thunder, and jumped up from the sofa.
“Dragon Lord, you…what did you say?”
“Someone surrounded you?”
“Will play with your woman?”
“He doesn’t want to live anymore!!”
Xue Renyang’s old face was gloomy, his palms suddenly clenched, and his heart was undoubtedly shocked and angry.

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