A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 973

Yanqi Lake.
Today, the entire Yanqi Lake has been sealed due to the holding of the boxing match.
Only a few rich and powerful people who have bought tickets have the opportunity to board the ship to watch the battle!
At this time, because the boxing match was about to start, many people had gathered here, lining up to board the ship.
“Everyone, line up!”
“Board in order~”
“Those who don’t follow the rules, the tickets will be invalidated, and all will be expelled!”
By the Yanqi Lake, hundreds of people lined up with two long dragons waiting to board the boat.
“I’m going, so many people? When does this have to be in line?”
Among the crowd, Guo Yawen, Lei Dongbao and Meng Han were also standing in the cold wind, standing in line honestly.
Meng Han said just now that he would go back to Xu Lei for a while, obviously just farting.
The friendship with Xu Lei is really important, but Meng Han cares more about today’s boxing match.
It is said that today’s boxing match is full of big men.
All forces gathered on Yanqi Lake to divide the market with their fists and arbitrarily judge their grievances.
Today’s boxing match is not only about understanding the grievances between the forces, but also about the future division of Yanjing’s power structure.
Naturally attracts attention!
This is why, like Lei Dongbao, who are worth tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars, they brave the cold and line up here to watch the battle. Obviously, it is to pay attention to the division of Yanjing’s power structure in the future, and it is also convenient for them to cling to. .
And Meng Han hopes to meet his destiny on this occasion!
Among them, anyone can be rich and powerful.
It is now December, and the winter in Yanjing is cold.
In addition, the surrounding area was empty, and the cold wind from the north was blowing crazily over the lake, and Guo Yawen and the three only felt that their hands were about to freeze.
At this time, looking at the long crowd, Guo Yawen couldn’t help complaining.
“Husband, see if anyone you know, let’s get on the boat first?”
“Wenwen, don’t make trouble. None of them is worth less than your husband or me. The one in front is worth one billion yuan. Isn’t it the same as honestly lining up here?”
“Wait at ease.”
“After a while, we will be warmed up in a speedboat,” Lei Dongbao comforted.
On Yanqi Lake, the huge cruise ship, like a huge monster, lies in the middle of Yanqi Lake.
These people on the shore were all sent to it by the staff one by one by speedboat.
That kind of speedboat can only take seven or eight people at a time, so the queue time is naturally not short.
“Husband, isn’t there a free boat over there?”
“There are only a few people sitting, shall we go there to line up?”
At this time, Guo Yawen noticed that a few small yachts were parked on a riverside dock not far away, and there were also staff on board to transport people.
“What do you think?”
“That is the exclusive channel for Yanjing’s top dignitaries.”
“It’s the Yanjing giant who is in charge of the 100 billion industry.”
“We only have a look.”
Lei Dongbao knew that he could pretend to be forceful in front of the turtles from small places like Xu Lei and Ye Fan, but in front of the giants of Yanjing, it would be considered a shrimp.
Of course he wouldn’t go to the dedicated passage to be ashamed.
After Guo Yawen heard it, she died suddenly.
But I was secretly envious in my heart. If I married the top dignitaries, I wouldn’t have to suffer this foreign crime in this “civilian” passage.
“Wenwen, look quickly, look at those two, are Xiaolei and her boyfriend?”

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