A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 974

After a while, Meng Han pointed in the direction of the dedicated dock and exclaimed in surprise.
When Guo Yawen heard this, she suddenly smiled: “How is it possible?”
“Hanhan, are you confused?”
“Xiao Lei and her soft-shelled boyfriend, I guess they are still begging grandpa to tell grandma to raise money for the jade bracelet in the jewelry store. How come they come here.”
“What’s more, just like them, one is a small clerk in a small third-tier city, and the other is a poor dick. Can they take a dedicated passage?”
“Are you dreaming?”
Guo Yawen didn’t even bother to look at it, and snorted directly.
Meng Han nodded: “That’s right, they don’t even have a ticket. I’m afraid they won’t even be able to get to the lake.”
“But it really seems.”
Meng Han whispered.
But when Guo Yawen and others sneered, Ye Fan and Xu Lei had already boarded a private yacht.
“Mr. Chu, sit firmly, we are going to sail.”
“it is good!”
Ye Fan nodded, only one good word back.
Then, in the enviable gaze of countless people in line, Ye Fan and Xu Lei were already on a private yacht, heading for the huge cruise ship in the middle of the lake.
“Look at people.”
“What a fate?”
“Let’s, for a lifetime, I’m afraid we won’t be able to enjoy this kind of treatment?”
On the shore of the lake, Guo Yawen looked at the private yacht in the distance, but was full of envy.
How she hoped that if she were the woman of the rich and powerful sitting in that yacht, how nice she would be.
Even as a junior, she is willing.
But it is estimated that Guo Yawen would never have thought that the person sitting in the yacht at this time is exactly what they hated and disdain before, Ye Fan!
“Dragon Lord, I’m afraid I will make you feel wronged.”
“I didn’t get the tickets for the VIP seat in front. You and Miss Xu can only sit in the back row first.” Ye Fan was already on the cruise ship at this time.
Amidst the huge cruise ship, a square open-air boxing arena was set up!
There are audience seats densely all around.
At this time, Xue Renyang was full of bitterness and apologized to Ye Fan.
“Can’t even get a front row ticket?”
“It seems that the situation of your Xue family is really dangerous.”
Ye Fan undoubtedly saw it thoroughly, and a single word directly pointed out the embarrassment of the Xue family now.
“Lord Dragon, you also know that before, our Xue family was linked to the Longyang Wuguan with the Lin family and Zhao family.”
“Now that I quit halfway through, many corresponding benefits are gone.”
“Moreover, Lin Feng and the others deliberately targeted my Xue family. Now they can only wrong the Dragon Lord.”
Xue Renyang said with sad eyes.
Ye Fan waved his hand: “It’s okay, let’s just go back in the back row, you don’t always look at it everywhere. You go first, I will be there when I am.”
“Well, the survival of my Xue family is up to the Dragon Lord!”
After speaking, Xue Renyang passed by.
The Xue family belongs to the sponsor of the boxing match. Even though they are in a dire situation now, they can still sit in the seat of the sponsor.
Time continues to pass, seeing more and more tourists boarding the cruise ship, the open-air venue of Nuo Da is still lively.
About half an hour later, right next to where Ye Fan and Xu Lei were sitting, a man and two women quietly appeared.
After seeing the two of Ye Fan, these three were undoubtedly stunned instantly!
“Why are you here too?”
“Xiao Lei, have you also boarded the ship?”
“Do you have tickets?”
“Come in!”

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