A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 976

While speaking, Ye Fan took out the two tickets Xue Renyang had just given him and shook it in front of Guo Yawen and others.
“Should I suspect that my ticket is fake?”
“You don’t have to worry about this.”
“I’ll find a staff member to test it.”
Ye Fan whispered, then waved his hand and found a staff member to check it out.
Of course it is true!
Up to now, Guo Yawen and the others can no longer say a word.
The old face flushed, just a little shameful.
After all, they just ridiculed for a long time, and let people go to Yanqi Lake to get tickets.
As a result, people have tickets in their hands, and the position is better than them.
This undoubtedly made Guo Yawen very angry.
Sit back in his seat, sulking in that one.
“Have you made a mistake?”
“What does the organizer do to eat, and such people also sell him tickets?”
“Isn’t it said that most people can’t touch this place?”
Guo Yawen cursed, and only felt that it was a price drop to appear on the same occasion as Ye Fan.
“Xiao Lei, how did you get this ticket?”
“I thought…”
Meng Han was obviously also extremely surprised, and asked Xu Lei suspiciously.
Xu Lei smiled and said softly: “My brother Xiao Fan got it.”
“Your brother Xiaofan?”
“Just him?”
“Is it troublesome?”
Meng Han was suspicious.
Guo Yawen and Lei Dongbao shook their heads in disdain.
“The boxing match is about to begin.”
“Big guys are all coming in~”
At this time, the whole venue suddenly became noisy.
The people around looked excitedly at the dignitaries who appeared in the center of the venue, and they talked.
Hearing the people’s discussion, Meng Han and the others were undoubtedly looking quickly.
“I’m going, really?”
“I know that person. I have seen it on TV. He is the Patriarch of the Zhao Family in Yanjing, Zhao Si!”
Meng Han pointed to the old man in the distance and said excitedly.
“Hanhan, be careful, you don’t want to live anymore!”
However, hearing Meng Han’s words, Guo Yawen and his wife suddenly turned pale a little, and quickly said in panic.
“Four Lord’s nickname, can you call it?”
“The curse comes from the mouth, do you know?”
“If someone with a heart hears you calling the Fourth Master’s nickname, and it passes to the Zhao family, you are afraid you will die.”
Guo Yawen scolded.
Meng Han was trembling with fright at the time, as if a basin of cold water was poured down, and immediately did not dare to speak any more.
This is the gap between these ordinary people and the giants of Yanjing.
If one sentence is wrong, it is very likely to be a disaster.
At this time, in the central area ahead, more and more powerful people entered the arena.
And the audience around you started to argue with each other. For them, being able to recognize a few of them is undoubtedly a face-saving thing among friends.
“The Lin Family Patriarch Lin Feng is here too?”
“Lin Family Pharmaceuticals, but the giant of China Pharmaceuticals industry!”
“It is said that one third of the country’s market is controlled by the Lin family!”

“I’m going, Xue’s house?”
“Isn’t that Xue Renyang, the old man of the Xue family?”
“The first of the three upstarts in Yanjing!”
“Didn’t he retired? Patriarch has changed.”
“Why did you arrive in person today?”
“Don’t blow around.”
“Return the head of the three upstarts?”
“The Xue family is about to fall.”
“You didn’t see that after Father Xue came out, no one around a group of bigwigs paid attention to him.”
“One by one hides from the plague god.”
“It really is?”
“What’s wrong with Xue family?”
“Can you offend a big man?”

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