A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 980

Xu Fengliang finally turned around. For the first time, he began to look at the young man in front of him, but the majesty and pride in his face were so vivid.
“I know you are Mr. Chu, the lord of Jiangdong, let some rich people in small towns in Jiangdong respect him.”
“At a young age, with this achievement, in Jiangdong, you really have the capital to be proud.”
“But it’s a pity that the land of Jiangdong is too small compared with Yanjing and even the entire China.”
“Even if you are still dazzling in Jiangdong, but looking at Yanjing, and even the entire China, like your Yunwu Lake and Yunding Mountain in Yunzhou, after all, it is insignificant and insignificant as dust.

“If Xiaolei is from Yunzhou, or a descendant of a small family in Jiangdong, that’s fine.”
“But unfortunately, she is my Yanjing wealthy family, the daughter of the Xu family, and my niece of Xu Fengliang.”
“Want to take her away, you are a little Jiangdong gangster, you don’t deserve it!”
The deep words, with a dreadful chill, were like thunder, quietly exploding above the Pinghu Lake.
Ye Fan finally laughed when he heard it.
Regarding Xu Fengliang’s contempt and disdain, he did not get angry, but laughed at himself: “What about Xue Minghua from the Xue family?”
“A second generation ancestor who can’t accomplish anything, a licentious dude, he is worthy of Xiaolei? You are worthy of the Xu family?”
Facing Ye Fan’s sneer, Xu Fengliang replied in a deep voice: “The two sons of the Xue family may be incompetent, but behind him is the Xue family, the head of the three nobles of Yanjing.”
“With Xiao Lei’s wrist, give her 30 years. After Xue Renyang returns to the west, Xue’s family has no strategy and the second son has no talents and virtues. By then, the Xue family will not be in her palm?”
“Plus my Xu family gave her 40% of the Xu family’s family business, thirty years later, Xiao Lei will be the empress of Yanjing!”
“She may not have a happy marriage, but she will gain tremendous power!”
“You are a yellow-mouthed child with shallow eyes, but the frog at the bottom of the well, how did you know that Xu Fengliang had a monstrous plan?
Xu Fengliang uttered angrily, with violent expressions.
The majestic and angry words, only if the gold and stone fall to the ground, are in this world, sonorously echoing!
Hearty laughter echoed, and Ye Fan looked like he heard the biggest joke in the world.
“Xu Fengliang, Xu Fengliang, don’t you think that you take yourself too high and you see me too small?”
“With your plan, it will take thirty years for Xiaolei to become the Queen of Yanjing!”
“And me, why thirty years?”
“As long as Xiao Lei is willing, I, Chu Tianfan, will send her to the top of Yanjing tonight!”
“Simply stupid?”
As soon as Ye Fan’s laughter fell, Xu Fengliang was furious.
Look at the arrogant child in front of him like an idiot.
“Also let Xiaolei climb to the top of Yenching tonight?”
“This is Yanjing, the land of the Chinese imperial capital.”
“There are many giants here, and there are giants here!”
“The Zhao family, the Lin family, and even the more powerful Xu family and the Mo family, how big is the energy of these families?”
“They can cut your future with just a word!”
“One word can ruin your Jiangdong foundation!”
“You are nothing but a Jiangdong kid, bullshit, how confident do you say this?”
Xu Fengliang uttered angrily and questioned Ye Fan angrily.
However, Ye Fan still smiled: “Ask my confidence?”
“This is my confidence!”
While sneering, Ye Fan raised his arm and slowly clenched his fist.
“Xu Fengliang, no matter how much you say, but in my eyes, what you say is nothing more than a chicken!”
“Let’s let you be a high-ranking expert, let your power be overwhelming, I, Chu Tianfan, can blow everything with one punch!”

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