A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 991

“Grandpa, what should I do?”
“Are you going to shoot?”
Lu Wan’er looked at her grandfather and asked worriedly.
Obviously, Lu Wan’er also realized that today’s battle is not only related to Yanjing’s power structure in the future, but also related to the face of their Chinese martial arts.
If it is true that an Orientalist swept the powerful Yanjing, dominates Yanjing, and spread it out, they would lose their face in China.
“Lets see.”
“The Lin family haven’t appeared yet.”
“If we are forced to do so, as outsiders, it is better not to interfere.”
“Hopefully, there will be someone who can carry the tripod in the land of China Yanjing.”
The old man in military uniform said quietly.
On the boxing ring, after Wu Tianxiong fell to the ground, the staff quickly went up, lifted Wu Tianxiong down, and sent him for medical treatment.
“Who else is not convinced, keep coming.”
Hua Yinglong stood with his hand in his hand, and the arrogant and majestic tone echoed again.
After a long silence, another young man finally stepped onto the ring under tremendous pressure.
“Teng Zijing, the younger generation, represents the Lantian Martial Arts Hall, please enlighten me!”
The sturdy young man reported to his family and said with a fist.
When this person spoke, the words were all trembling.
Hua Yinglong frowned when he saw it.
“Fine, you go down.”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?” Teng Zijing was stunned, not knowing what Hua Yinglong meant, and then asked in horror, “Senior, it’s better to fight first.”
Hua Yinglong ignored it, and continued: “You go down first and call up all the martial arts representatives who have not yet played.”
“Let’s go together.”
Teng Zijing was confused at the time.
The people around were also shocked.
“I’m lying down!”
“Everyone?One piece?”
“So fierce?”
“This is too big!”
After Hua Yinglong’s words fell, the entire crowd had exploded.
Lei Dongbao’s old face flushed with excitement, and the saliva and stars were flying all over the sky.
“He is going to single-handedly challenge the entire Yanjing hero with one person?”
“I’m going to special!”
“This is too awesome, right?”
“What does he want to do?”
“If you want to go against the sky?”
Lei Dongbao shouted out of his voice.
A boxing match, I did not expect it to be so exciting.
In the center of the venue, the expressions of Lin Feng and others are undoubtedly ugly at this moment.
“This Hua Yinglong is too arrogant, right?”
“To be alone, single out all of us?”
“This is not to put our Yanjing dignitaries in the eyes!”
“President Lin, what should I do now?”
“One by one, or together?”
The heads of Yanjing’s families are undoubtedly caught in a dilemma.
If they go up one by one, the other party is too strong, and they are afraid that they are going to die.
But one piece, even if you win, it would be shameful.
Victory is not martial!
“Come on.”
“Since he wants to die, we do as he wants!”
After a brief silence, Lin Feng decided to agree to Hua Yinglong’s request.
All Yan Jingquan e03f1180 you invited the strong, one shot.
“But this is shameful~” someone said bitterly.
Lin Feng sneered: “Shame? Then we went one by one, but we were beaten down like dogs, so we wouldn’t be ashamed?”
Lin Feng’s question was tricky, and the man was speechless for a while.
That is also true, one is shame for defeat, and the other is shame for victory.
It might as well choose the latter.
At least it won.
“it is good!”
“Then go together!”
“Didn’t he want to be King Yanjing?”
“If you don’t defeat our dignitaries, you are embarrassed to be the king of Yanjing?”

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