A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 999

“Mr. Chu? What is Mr. Chu?”
“Could it be that the master invited by the Xue family failed?”
When everyone in the Xue family faced the crowd and prayed sadly, everyone in the audience was shocked and trembling.
Those powerful and powerful in Yanjing were also suspicious.
They thought that with Yao Baisheng’s defeat, their Yanjing had completely lost in today’s boxing match.
However, looking at Xue Renyang’s appearance, it seems that they still have Yanjing and the strong yet to come out.
“Mr. Chu?”
“I, Yanjing, is there a master named Mr. Chu?”
“Even in the Chinese martial arts circle, you haven’t heard of any martial arts people surnamed Chu?”
Many people talk about it.
There are doubts, doubts, and more expectations.
Only Xinghe of the Xing family, an old face was drawn.
Could it be that Jiangdong’s, Mr. Chu?
“Did he represent the Xue family in the Yanjing boxing match?”
Xinghe suddenly panicked and his eyes widened.
However, one second, two seconds~
Two full minutes passed, and no one walked out of Nuo Da’s boxing field.
“Master Xue, how is it?”
“Where is your Mr. Chu?”
“Where is the master of your Xue family?”
“Shout, keep on shouting, why can’t you shout out.”
Lin Feng and the others seemed to have anticipated the ending, and mocked them all at this time.
In their opinion, Mr. Chu had already scared away.
That is Xue Renyang’s idiot, still shouting there.
It’s weird to shout out!
“Hey, it looks like I am looking forward to it for nothing.”
“It really made Patriarch Lin and they said that they had hit 4a3410b3.”
“Mr. Chu, has he been scared away?”
“Old man Xue, it seems that you have missed it~”
The others all shook their heads at this time, thinking that the so-called Mr. Chu was nothing but a pustule.
She didn’t even dare to show her face, so she scared away.
Father Xue, what he entrusted to him is not human!
In the face of everyone’s ridicule, Xue Mingxin almost started to cry.
“Uncle, I said long ago that Mr. Chu is untrustworthy and untrustworthy, but you just don’t listen.”
“That bastard has been making women in our Xue family all day long. From the beginning, I thought he was not good enough, but you have to believe it!”
“How is it now?”
“He patted his butt and ran away, but we lost both sides of our Xue family!”
Xue Mingxin hated and angry.
He was so angry that he wanted to beat Xue Renyang. But he thought about this idea, after all, Xue Renyang is the old man of the Xue family, and he is highly respected. Even if he makes a stupid decision, he can’t be blamed by a junior.
However, just when everyone thought that Mr. Chu was just a joke, who could have imagined that Hua Yinglong suddenly turned around on the ring.
The deep gaze cut through the sky, sweeping around.
The low voice sounded immediately.
“Mr. Chu, since it’s here, why not show up?”
“I, Hua Yinglong, have been waiting for a long time!”
Hua Yinglong’s words were only like a thunderstorm.
The audience was shocked.
Lin Feng, Zhao Si and others were suddenly sluggish.
“Even Hua Yinglong knows this Mr. Chu?”
“Waiting for a long time?”
“Could it be that Mr. Chu is really an expert?”
“Just, who would it be?”
Hua Yinglong’s words caused the desperate Yanjing people to hang their hearts again.
Everyone looked around in panic, trying to find the man named Mr. Chu among the thousands of spectators.
When the whole house was all looking around, there was only one stunning woman in the back row. Those beautiful eyes, full of worry, slowly fell to the side, the man!

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