A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2929

While crying, she ran in the direction of Ye Fan.
Afterwards, he hugged Ye Fan tightly from behind.
“Ye Fan, don’t~”
“Please, stop it~”
“Will you go home with me?”
The woman’s eyes were full of tears, and there were tears on her beautiful face.
The sad look is almost heartbreaking.
“Mucheng, don’t stop me.”
“When I kill all those who bully you, I will take you home.”
“My Ye Fan woman can’t tolerate any grievances.”
Ye Fan said in a low voice, only when he was talking to Qiu Mucheng, his tone would be less hostile and more tender.
Not because of anything, but because the girl in front of him is the one he vowed to protect his life.
If the people of the Lu family were to attack him, Ye Fan would not have such a great anger in his heart.
However, what they provoke is Ye Fan’s wife, and it is Ye Fan’s family who insults.
For Ye Fan, the safety of his family is far more important than his own life.
The Lu family seriously touched Ye Fan’s bottom line, and naturally they should bear Ye Fan’s unparalleled anger.
Even if God of War and others intercede, Ye Fan will never regress.
“I don’t want~”
“Ye Fan, I don’t need you to avenge me, I just want you to be well.”
“I just want to live a stable life with you.”
“If it is for revenge for us, you will be hurt again.”
“Then I would rather not take revenge.”
“What’s more, the Lu family has already been punished.”
“You have done enough.”
“Go home, okay?”
With tears in her beautiful eyes, Qiu Mucheng hugged Ye Fan tightly, begging emotionally.
“Do not!”
“not enough!”
“The culprit is not dead yet, how can I give up?”
Ye Fan’s eyebrows were cold, and the sound of sorrow sounded immediately, and the terrifying power made the hair of those present stand upright.
It’s not that Ye Fan is disrespectful, nor that Ye Fan is brutal and murderous.
Rather, he cannot tolerate any more accidents.
As long as Lu Hua and others are completely killed, Ye Fan won’t have any worries.
Otherwise, wait for Ye Fan to go to Chumen in the future, if he doesn’t go back.
At that time, I am afraid that the tragedy will repeat itself.
After all, no one can guarantee that Lu Hua and his son will make a comeback and take revenge on Ye Fan’s relatives again.
So, they must die anyway!
“Ye Fan, don’t be confused~”
“You kill in the Martial God Temple, you can’t afford the consequences.”
“At that time, I am afraid that this hot summer will have no place for you.”
“What’s more, the God of War, the Sword Saint and others are all here. Do you think you can really kill people under the power of the four pillar nations in the summer with your blood?”
“While it’s still too late, stop it now~”
After Qiu Mucheng got out of the car, Lu Tianhe also got out of the car and persuaded Ye Fan bitterly.
Although Lu Tianhe is now the head of the military region, he is still half a martial artist.
What was the sensation of the West Lake tragedy caused by Ye Fan in Jiangbei before?
More than a hundred warriors were brutally killed.
Among them are seniors who are highly respected in the martial arts world.
It can be said that this incident has completely detonated the entire hot summer martial arts.
Whether it is on the Internet forums or on some martial arts impurities, the overwhelming verbal criticism of Ye Fan.
What’s more, he directly called Ye Fan a demon king.
Even on the official website of the Wushen Temple, there are a large number of martial arts powerhouses in a joint petition, requesting the Wushen Temple to capture Ye Fan and walk for the sky.

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