A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2933

“Come here, take this Lu Hua to the martial arts court for me, waiting for execution!”
Amidst the anger, God of War immediately ordered Lu Hua to be captured and sent directly to the martial arts court to wait for the martial arts ruling.
Lv Hua was desperate when he heard this.
“I don’t want to enter the martial arts court.”
“Father, save me, save me~”
Lu Hua roared hoarse, tears raining down.
In the eyebrows, there is a strong panic and shock.
But, let him cry, what good is it?
He was finally taken away by force by the personnel of the Martial God Temple.
“God of War, I beg you, let me go~”
“We are all victims, the relatives of Master Qingyun.”
“You Wushen Temple, protect us~”
“Why, why should I arrest my son.”
“He is the only seedling of our Lu family~”
Lu Ziming knelt down and begged the God of War.
Before that, Lu Ziming thought that as long as they fled to the Martial God Temple, everything would be safe.
However, he never dreamed that it would turn out to be such a result in the end?
“There is still a face to ask what I have become?”
“You know why!”
“The relatives of the titled master, you dare to covet murder?”
“The Lu family has today’s ending, and it’s your fault, you can’t blame others!”
The God of War snorted coldly, then walked away, ignoring the Lu family.
After that, there was nothing to say.
But the next day, the top of Yanshan Mountain, the Four Pillar Kingdoms, the Juggernaut and the King of Fighters, once again gathered together to discuss how to deal with Lu Hua and Ye Fan.
Of course, in the eyes of Martial God Temple, how Lu Hua handled it was not important.
The most embarrassing thing for the Martial God Temple at the moment is the handling of Ye Fan.
“Juggernaut, this Ye Fan must not be merciless!”
“Even if everything he does has a reason, it’s not the reason why he killed the hundreds of martial arts experts.”
“Now, the families of those deceased have gone to the Martial God Temple.”
“We asked our Martial God Temple to severely punish Ye Fan, so as to give justice to their dead relatives.”
“This matter, our Martial God Temple must always express something.”
“Otherwise, wouldn’t it chill the Hot Summer Warrior?”
In the hall, the King of Fighters said sharply, and there was a strong chill in his words.
Although the night has passed, the redness and swelling on the King of Fighters’ face has not completely disappeared, but there is still some burning pain.
The palm Ye Fan stuck on the King of Fighters’ face last night was definitely not light.
The night was hot and painful.
And this undoubtedly increased the hatred of the King of Fighters towards Ye Fan.
Had it not been for the God of War and others to stop him, he would have rushed to Jiangdong and cut the stinky boy by the knife.
For so many years, his King of Fighters has not suffered such a shame.
However, the King of Fighters had just finished saying this, and Tang Hao on the side explained to Ye Fan: “The King of Fighters, you can’t blame Ye Fan for this matter.”
“It’s a member of the Lu family and murdered his relatives first.”
“As for those martial arts powerhouses, they were also killed by Ye Fan when they besieged Ye Fan.”
“From this level, Ye Fan can only be regarded as a legitimate defense.”
“You can’t just let him stand there and let others kill you?”
“So, I feel that this kind of thing, no wonder Ye Fan.”

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Tang Hao is the best. He can see and understand everything clearly although he was not there. He is very analytical and not emotional. I like him

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