A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2935

“Then what do you say?” Sword Saint asked back, his words cold and icy.
“Could it be that I summoned my six great pillar nations to besiege Ye Fan?”
“The whereabouts of the Fenghou and Binghuang two have been unknown for more than ten years, and the life or death is unknown. Even if I issue a martial arts order, can you guarantee that both of them can see?”
“What’s more, God of War has stated that he will not join us in besieging Ye Fan.”
“In this case, even if you want to kill Ye Fan, how can you kill him?”
The Juggernaut asked repeatedly, his anger suppressed in his cold words.
No one knew whether the Juggernaut was angry because of Ye Fan or because of the King of Fighters.
“Aren’t there three of us?”
“I don’t believe it anymore. Our three pillar kingdoms can’t cure him as a pornographic child?”
Mo Gucheng asked back, obviously unwilling to spare Ye Fan like this.
“Three?” Sword Saint shook his head, “Do you really think it is three?”
“Huh?” Mo Gucheng was slightly stunned, as if thinking of something, he immediately looked at the Vast Sky Grandmaster Tang Hao.
Sure enough, Tang Hao slumped his hands and said, “Don’t look at me, I am like God of War, whatever you do with Ye Fan, I have no objection or participation.”
“Tang Hao, you~” Mo Gucheng’s popularity trembled when he heard it.
“Good, good, good.”
“If you don’t participate in the pull down, do you really take yourself seriously?”
“Without you, my Martial God Temple will still turn around!”
After the King of Fighters blasted Tang Hao angrily, he turned his head to look at the sword master.
“Juggernaut, they won’t go, we two will go.”
“With my fist and your swordsmanship, that Ye Fan has three heads and six arms, and he will surely be able to kill him!”
The King of Fighters said stubbornly, with blood in his old eyes.
Eliminating Ye Fan almost became the obsession of the King of Fighters.
It can also be seen how deeply Mo Gucheng hates Ye Fan.
However, in the face of Mo Gucheng’s stern words, the Sword Saint shouted angrily.
The majestic words, like thunder, directly shook Mo Gucheng in place, speechless.
“No matter how strong you and I are, can you be stronger than the King Burning the sky? Stronger than the King Gaia of Persia?”
“If you and I join forces, you can fight Fen Tian and Gaia even if you die.”
“The two of them worked together and failed to kill Ye Fan.”
“Not to mention you and me?”
“If we couldn’t help Ye Fan by joining hands, wouldn’t my Martial God Temple make the world laugh even more?”
The sword saint’s rage was thunderous, and the world kept ringing here.
After the sword master drank, Mo Gucheng was undoubtedly silent.
All the anger and impulse before has gradually disappeared.
After calming down, the King of Fighters was undoubtedly aware of the pressure and risks that Ye Fan had to face.
After all, if the strength reached the level of the titled master, unless it was a last resort, it would never be possible to drive the opponent to ruin.
Just like they captured Ye Fan, it would be okay if they would kill with one blow.
Once Ye Fan is allowed to escape, then Ye Fan is bound to get revenge.
The titled master went crazy, it was undoubtedly extremely terrifying.
Many years ago, there was a titled master who destroyed a country in anger.
Millions of people died under his sword!
That’s why, before leaving, the God of War warned the Sword Saint to think about the consequences when making any decisions.
Is it for a Lu family, for a group of warriors, to maintain that illusory dignity, choose to turn against a titled master?
Or is it for the overall situation of the country, for the stability of the martial arts in the hot summer, and to clarify the past?

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Mo just wants to avenge his son. He has no love for Hua though he learnt quickly coz that Japanese Moon God wld come destroy their temple

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