A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2947

At that moment, it was like a thunder.
Lu Hua’s legs softened, and the whole person was directly on the ground.
His eyes were wide, his eyes full of despair, and he kept crying for mercy.
As for Lu Ziming, it was even more difficult to accept the facts before him, and he fainted on the spot.
The remaining Jiangbei people also rioted in protest after the sentence was pronounced.
The entire martial arts court suddenly became a mess.
However, just as the hall was full of noise, a sound of majestic anger, like Hong Zhong Dalu, instantly suppressed all the sounds here.
“Whoever makes trouble again, expel Yanjing!”
The words of the God of War seem to be of utmost importance.
All of a sudden, the audience was silent.
These Jiangbei people in front of them, even if they have a big complaint in their hearts, they dare not say a word at this time.
After all, who dares to disobey the majesty of the strongest in China?
With a gunshot resounded throughout the world.
The scorching bullet caused a violent wave of air, and instantly penetrated Lu Hua’s head.
The leader of the new generation of Huaxia, one of China’s top ten outstanding talents personally canonized by the Wushen Temple, and the only descendant of the Lu family in Jiangbei, finally ended his sinful one in this way.
Before he died, Lu Hua was full of regret.
If life could come again, he would be killed, and he would definitely not provoke Ye Fan again.
However, life cannot be repeated after all.
Some mistakes, once you make them, you can only pay for them with your life!
In this way, a Chinese martial arts civil turmoil that was caused by the Lu family in Jiangbei, but was pushed by Ye Fan to the most extreme, ended with the fall of Lu Hua.
On the night Lu Hua was shot, the Wushen Temple sent people to transport Lu Hua’s body to Jiangdong.
In front of Yunding Mountain, Ye Fan stood proudly with his hand.
Behind him, standing Li Er, Lei Lao San, Wang Jiexi, and Qinglong everyone.
In front of them, there was Lu Hua, who was icy, lying quietly in the coffin.
“Master Wushuang, I am here to give you an explanation when ordered by the Martial Temple.”
“In addition, the two hall masters, God of War and Sword Saint, let me tell you something!”
At this time, several Wushen Temple staff who had been ordered to come were explaining to Ye Fan the instructions of the God of War and others.
“Say.” Ye Fan replied with a blank expression.
“The God of War has something to say, everything ends here.”
“Farewell!” After speaking, none of these people were staying, and immediately drove away and returned to China Yanjing.
Of course, the corpse of Lu Hua was also taken away.
At the request of the Lu family, Lu Hua’s body was immediately sent back to Jiangbei and buried in the tomb of the Lu family.
After the people of Wushen Temple left, the summit of Yunding Mountain remained silent.
Li Er and Lei Laosan were in the same place, and their hearts could be described as fluctuating, and it was difficult to calm down for a long time.
In the end, Li Er spoke out, looked at Ye Fan like a ghost, and asked strangely, “Mr. Chu, this… is this over?”
“Dignified Martial God Temple, really right… bowed your head to you?”
No one can understand the tremor in Li Er’s heart at this time.
He never dreamed that the Martial God Temple really did as Ye Fan said, not only did not come to investigate Ye Fan’s fault, but also killed Lu Hua to explain to Ye Fan.
When Ye Fan said these things before, Li Er still felt that Ye Fan was bragging.
But now it seems that Mr. Chu is not bragging, people are really bragging.
“This… This Mr. Chu, too…is too awesome?”
“They all bowed their heads?”
“My goodness…”

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