A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2957

But now, Ye Fan said he was leaving.
Moreover, Li Er could see that Ye Fan’s departure this time was different from the countless times in the past.
Compared with the past, only this time, he saw the lack of confidence in the expression of this young man.
This is unimaginable for Li Er.
No one knows better than Li Er, what kind of proud Ye Fan in front of him is.
Even if he single-handedly drove into Jiangbei a few days ago, even if lonely rushed into Yanshan, even if he faced the title of Yanxiashu with his own strength, Ye Fan did not show any signs of it.
Hesitation and unconfidence.
But this time, Ye Fan no longer had the pride and confidence he had before.
Li Er could guess that maybe Ye Fan’s departure today will be gone forever.
For Li Er, this is naturally unacceptable for a while.
That kind of feeling is like the vegetation that has been growing at the foot of a high mountain, and suddenly there is no support.
In the future, there will be no one to help him withstand the wind and rain!
“Mr. Chu, I can’t~”
“I really can’t.”
“I, Li Er, besides being fond of others, I’m just a coercion~”
“I can have today, all of you, Mr. Chu, helped me up.”
“Without you, I’m just a lazy pustule…”
“I know what I’m capable of. If you are not here, I really can’t afford this Jiangdong…”
“Mr. Chu, please don’t leave..”
“Miss Qiu, I can’t do without you~”
Li Er was still crying.
Her nose and tears looked like a girl who was kicked by a scumbag.
However, in the face of Li Er’s retention, Ye Fan just smiled.
“Okay, don’t cry, like a girl.”
“Don’t worry, after I leave, apart from this formation, I will leave the Azure Dragon to Jiangdong.”
“These are enough for you to help me guard Jiangdong.”
“Don’t underestimate this Yundao Heavenly Decision Formation. When it is fully opened, it is the old guys in the Yanxia Wushen Temple. In a short time, they can’t break it.”
“Well, that’s it for today, remember what I said to you today.”
“Tomorrow I will go to Fenghai.”
“Don’t tell Mucheng about today’s conversation.”
“You go back.”
Ye Fan seemed to be tired, waved his hand, and let Li Er go back.
Li Er’s old eyes were still red. When he left, he glanced at Ye Fan and asked in a low voice, “Mr. Chu, my second child, can I still see you in the future?”
Ye Fan suddenly smiled upon hearing this.
“What do you think?”
“I’m not going to die.”
“Okay, stop the ink, get out of it.”
“Remember, keep Jiangdong for me.”
Ye Fan scolded Li Er away with a smile.
For a time, there was only Ye Fan left on the entire Yunding Peak.
When Li Er left, the smile from the corner of Ye Fan’s mouth also quietly disappeared, replacing it with a rich dignity.
Yes, as Li Er could see, this time Ye Fan really lost the confidence and courage he had before.
Even with a ten-year plan, when this day really came, Ye Fan still had no idea.
After all, what he will face next is the ancient power that has dominated the world for hundreds of years.
From when Ye Fan had memories, he was instilled in the power of the Chu family and the invincibility of the Chu Clan.
Both the Chu Family and the Chu Sect represent the strongest power in the world.

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