A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2959

Among the Chu family, Ye Fan is undoubtedly a rival.
If he is defeated, it will be an unresolved end.
Old Han undoubtedly didn’t want to see this kind of unsuccessful benevolence.
However, in the face of Old Han’s advice, Ye Fan didn’t care.
On the contrary, it was one sentence that caused Ye Fan’s eyebrows to suddenly make waves.
“Chu Zhengliang and his son are in charge?”
“What about him?”
“The Patriarch of the Chu Family, shouldn’t it be him?”
Even now, Ye Fan is trying his best to avoid saying that person’s name.
Once, that person’s name was Ye Fan’s greatest support, and it was a heavy mountain in his heart.
However, how much Ye Fan relied on him back then, how resisted Ye Fan is now.
So that even his name is unwilling to mention.
Old Han sighed, “Hey~”
“The position of the Patriarch of the Chu Family has long changed.”
“Today, everything in the Chu family has been completely controlled by Chu Zhengliang and his son.”
“As for the old Patriarch, he has not heard from him since he first went to Japan.”
“Lord, if possible, go to Japan…”
“Okay, don’t talk about it anymore, I don’t want to hear about him anymore.” Old Han wanted to continue, but was interrupted by Ye Fan.
“However, it’s a pity.”
“I originally wanted to know what he would face when he saw the abandoned son of the Chu family he had abandoned back then, and returned to the Chu family for more than ten years.”
“Now it seems that he might not see it anymore.”
Ye Fan smiled lightly, his tone low and calm.
As if, I was talking about someone who has nothing to do with me.
However, even if Ye Fan tried his best to conceal it, Old Han could still hear the ups and downs in Ye Fan’s seemingly calm words.
“As expected of father and son, even this character is so similar~”
Old Han said secretly in his heart.
In the words, there is bitterness and comfort.
Suddenly he felt a little grateful, fortunate that Chu Zhenghong had left the Chu family, and that the Chu family elder had removed Chu Zhenghong from the position of the Chu family’s patron.
At least, in this case, the human tragedy of father and son mutilation was avoided.
“Lord, don’t you really think about it?”
“Maybe, you can wait a few more years.”
“After our strength becomes stronger, we will go to the Chu Family.”
“In this case, the chance of success will be greater.” Old Han still persuaded.
But Ye Fan was determined.
“I have been waiting for ten years, is it not enough?”
“I have no patience to wait any longer.”
“What’s more, everything I should prepare is already prepared.”
“It doesn’t make any sense to wait any longer.”
“But, I’m afraid in case…” Old Han was full of anxiety.
“There is nothing scary.”
“At best, I never go back.”
“From the time I made my ambition to return to the Chu family, I have made plans to never return.”
“Well, you don’t have to say any more.”
“Any possible consequences, I have thought of it.”
“I know very well what kind of path I am following now.”
“I know better, once I really embark on the journey to Trumen, what obstacles stand in front of me.”
“But what?”
“Killing back to the Chu family is Ye Fan’s only pursuit in this life, and it is also the only meaning of my life.”
“Hundreds of times, I don’t regret it!”
“Even if thousands of people block, I will go alone!”

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