A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2975

It is estimated that Ye Yuyan had never thought about it in her dreams, and one day she would take the initiative to ask Ye Fan.
After all, Ye Yuyan, who has always been arrogant since childhood, has never really valued his cousin.
It was not until later that Ye Fan revealed his majesty that the strength and excellence of the young man in front of him truly convinced Ye Yuyan.
However, unlike Ye Yuyan’s inner complexity, Ye Fan was calm.
He took the clothes from Ye Yuyan very plainly, and after faintly saying thank you, he continued fishing by the pool.
In response to Ye Fan’s response, Ye Yuyan’s pretty face was inexplicably lost.
For so long, Ye Fan still had that attitude towards her, always carrying a sense of distance, without the intimacy and friendship between brothers and sisters.
But who can blame this?
After all, she can only blame herself.
She was self-willed and arrogant when she was young, maybe she really hurt her cousin deeply.
Thinking of this, Ye Yuyan couldn’t help sighing in her heart, and a touch of regret was revealed between her brows.
Yes, when Ye Fan was down, she never warmed him.
Now that Ye Fan has become famous all over the world, there are so many people who care about him and show their kindness, so what is Ye Yuyan?
No charcoal was given in the snow, but icing on the cake.
Seems the same behavior, but the results obtained are ultimately different.
Sometimes Ye Yuyan would think too. If she hadn’t been so arrogant and defiant back then, if she had treated her cousin a little better back then, perhaps now Ye Fan is right
She is another attitude.
Just like Ye Fan was to the fat man, he was intimate and meticulous.
However, it is too late to think about this now.
Ye Yuyan shook her head, and secretly suppressed her complicated thoughts, her expression returned to the way she used to respect and respect Ye Fan again, and slowly said to Ye Fan, “Chu
Instructor, the ticket to Yanjing has been booked. ”
“There is already a car waiting for you outside the manor. I don’t know when you plan to leave for Jianghai International Airport?”
There are a total of three Yundao Tianjue formations.
The main formation is Yunzhou Grand Formation, and the other two division formations, one is Jingzhou and the other is Yanjing.
Yes, in this hot summer, there are only three people Ye Fan wants to protect the most.
One is Ye Fan’s wife, Qiu Mucheng.
The second is Ye Fan’s mother, Ye Ximei.
The third place is Xu Lei, a childhood sweetheart in his youth.
In fact, Ye Fan knew about Xu Lei’s friendship for herself a long time ago.
But what can I do if I know?
If you miss it, you miss it.
If he had not been expelled from the Chu family back then, if he had not been separated from Xu Lei for ten years.
Maybe Ye Fan’s wife now is her.
But good luck always likes to make fun of others, and the changes in the past made them miss each other after all.
Ten years later, when they met again, they were once young and already husbands.
To be honest, when Ye Fan learned that Xu Lei was the little girl of the year, his heart also waved.
But it was too late. He had already married and established a business, leaving Xu Lei with a lifelong regret.
However, although Ye Fan can’t give Xu Lei the company of her life, she will also protect her from happiness in this life.
It wasn’t because of infatuation, or because of the lingering feelings, but because of her company during the darkest period of the Chu family back then.
Ye Fan is a man of affection, whether it is family, friendship, or love.
In short, he will never fail anyone who treats him well.
Qiu Mucheng is, Xu Lei is, even the fat guy who fought and skipped class together as a student.
Now, in the few days after returning to Jingzhou, Ye Fan has completed the formation of Jingzhou. The entire Ye Family Manor has been covered under the Jingzhou Array.

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