A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2979

“what did you say?”
“Are you not here?”
When the God of War heard the words, his old eyes suddenly widened.
“Ye Fan, what are you saying is the truth?”
“This is the position of the permanent lord of the Martial Arts Hall. Once you sit on it, you are considered to be one of the four giants of China. You control the martial arts of the whole country and you will become the most powerful person in China.
Character is also the highest glory of a warrior. ”
“My generation of warriors, can’t help but enter the temple of the martial arts, for their lifelong pursuit of goals.”
“You fellow, it seems not rare?”
Ye Qingtian felt incredible.
He felt that he couldn’t see through the boy in front of him.
Before, Ye Fan didn’t care about the title.
Ye Qingtian only thought that Ye Fan didn’t dare to be interested because the titled master had no real power.
But now, he expressed his willingness to recommend Ye Fan to the highest authority in China’s martial arts, but this guy still didn’t care.
“Ye Fan, let me ask you, what are you doing for martial arts and mastering power?”
“Not for fame, not for profit, nor for power?”
“Is it true that you practice martial arts only because of love? Because of love? Nothing else?”
Ye Qingtian asked suspiciously.
Before coming, he really didn’t expect that Ye Fan would have such an attitude towards this matter.
This had to make Ye Qingtian curious, what exactly was Ye Fan’s original intention of practicing martial arts?
He didn’t think that Ye Fan was involved in martial arts without any purpose.
After all, to be able to achieve such achievements in the martial arts at such an age is bound to experience immense hardships and tribulations.
Only the fingers that bleed can make the world’s absolute sound.
Only after experiencing hellish ordeals can one develop the power to create heaven.
And all of this must have a reason, a reason for Ye Fan to endure hardship and endure pain.
In the past, Ye Qingtian thought this reason was fame and fortune and power.
But now it seems that he guessed wrong.
Ye Fan’s original intention seems not to be this.
Facing Ye Qingtian’s question, Ye Fan did not speak.
Just put down the teacup, then turned around and looked at the clear water in front of him, the whole person’s expression also became serious: “Do you really want to know?”
“Of course, as long as you want to say it.”
“I’m really curious about what kind of original intention was to support you to the heights you are today.”
Ye Qingtian’s tone was a little urgent.
Even if he was as calm as him, it was hard to hide the curiosity in his heart at this time.
Ye Fan suddenly smiled and slowly said, “I did not dabble in martial arts for fame or fortune, nor for power.”
“It’s because of the past, because of the humiliation that year, because of an unbearable past.”
“More accurately, it is hatred.”
“For so many years, I have concentrated on repairing the chain and working hard to become stronger, so that one day in the future, I can rely on my own strength to return to the place where I and my mother were humiliated.”
“I want to find my lost dignity. I want to seek justice for my mother. I want to let all those who insulted me, deceived me and despised me, regret it all.”
The icy wind rolled up the wind and snow all over the sky.
The lake in front of me was also under the cold wind, with thousands of ripples.
In the cold wind, Ye Fan was expressionless, standing with his hands behind.
But who knows what kind of sharpness and chill he has in his heart when he says these words.
Even after so long, Ye Fan still vividly remembered the scene that year.
That kind of helplessness and despair that made the earth not work, the kind of humiliation and shame that were being bullied and ridiculed, left Ye Fan’s young heart with a lifetime of hardship.
The shadow of extinction.
Ye Fan didn’t want to look back at that unbearable past, even now.
Because every time I think of that kind of anger and shame, humbleness and despair, it will pierce Ye Fan’s heart deeply like a barb.

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