A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2985

With full curiosity, Ye Qingtian opened the backpack in his hand.
What catches the eye are eight delicate wooden boxes.
Ye Qingtian picked up one casually and looked at it.
“This box is a bit unusual.”
“A wooden box with such a good seal is still rare.”
Ye Qingtian was slightly surprised.
“Stop talking nonsense, turn it on and take a look.”
Ye Fan was obviously too lazy to talk with him, and urged again.
Ye Qingtian didn’t hesitate anymore, his palm pressed hard.
Just listen to the wiping sound, the wooden box in his hand opens in response.
Then, a strong life spirit flowed out of the wooden box and rushed toward the face.
Feeling this full of heaven and earth spiritual power, Ye Qingtian trembled, his pupils suddenly tightened: “This…this is…”
“Yuan Lingguo?”
“You… did you really get the soul fruit?”
Apart from the tremor, Ye Qingtian opened the second and third.
Sure enough, in each wooden box, there is a Yuan Ling Guo stored.
Even if the Yuan Ling Guo had been picked by Ye Fan for nearly a year, the essence and aura in it had not been lost too much.
The rich spiritual power of heaven and earth, like the essence, flows in front of Ye Qingtian’s eyes.
“Both are Yuan Lingguo.”
“My God, Ye Fan, how many fruits did you grab?”
“And, after so long, you still have one?”
“It’s still so good?”
Ye Qingtian was completely shocked.
He never expected that Ye Fan would have so many Yuan Ling Fruits in his hands.
He thought that Ye Fan was already lucky in his misfortune to walk out of the Amazon rainforest alive.
But who would have thought that this guy not only came back alive, but also brought back so many spiritual fruits.
For so many years, Yan Xia sent several teams to participate in the battle for the elemental spirit fruit, but the total amount of elementary spirit fruit obtained was not as much as Ye Fan gave him at this time.
Facing Ye Qingtian’s tremor, Ye Fan was very calm.
He waved his hand and said lightly: “Take it away.”
“It’s me, Ye Fan, a little contribution to the martial arts in the summer.”
“I said, Yanxia is my motherland.”
“Even if I don’t enter the Temple of Martial Arts, I don’t mind doing something for the country and the martial arts in the summer.”
After saying this, Ye Fan also turned around and walked towards the room.
Behind him, only Ye Qingtian was left, and he was shocked.
Ye Fan’s words echoed in his ears.
Seeing the young man leaving, Ye Qingtian smiled with satisfaction: “I, Ye Qingtian, I didn’t misunderstand the person.”
He found himself admiring the boy in front of him more and more.
Although he is young and frivolous, he still has the hot summer in his heart and his motherland.
Isn’t this family and country feeling exactly what Ye Qingtian wanted to see?
“Ye Fan~”
Ye Qingtian called Ye Fan again.
“I ask you last, can I not go to Chu’s house?”
“On behalf of the Temple of War God, and on behalf of Yanxia Wudao, I ask you to let go of this obsession.”
“It’s for the country, for the future of martial arts in the summer, for your billions of compatriots.”
“The future of this country really needs you.”
Ye Qingtian’s tone was kind and low.
Like parents, they are holding back the wandering children who are about to leave their hometown.
Ye Fan was silent for a long time without answering.
Ye Qingtian continued to persuade: “Ye Fan, stay, as it is for your motherland.”
“I will keep you for the 1.4 billion people in the summer.”
“Don’t go to Chu’s house, okay?”
In the manor, Ye Qingtian’s words couldn’t help echoing.
Along with the breeze in the manor, it flows through the whole world.
The world seems to be quiet at this time.
Only the breeze whispered, and the lake rippled.
However, Ye Fan finally shook his head.
He turned his back to the God of War and laughed in a low voice: “God of War, you don’t have to use this to keep me.”
“I am different from you.”

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