A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2986

“In your values, the interests of Yanxia martial arts override everything, even far above your personal safety.”
“For the benefit of your family and country, you can sacrifice everything, even your own life.”
“And I am different.”
“In my heart, there is something more important than the interests of my country.”
“This is my original intention, my obsession, which is above everything.”
“So, you don’t have to persuade.”
“Even if 1.4 billion people stay, they won’t keep me.”
“What’s more, in this hot summer martial arts, there are more people who hate me, right?”
So far, Ye Fan didn’t say much.
Lifting his steps, he returned to the room.
In the courtyard, Ye Qingtian was stunned for a long time.
Finally, he sighed.
After that, the strongest man in the summer also left Jiangdong with the gift that Ye Fan left for the martial arts in the summer.
Before leaving, Ye Qingtian said to Ye Fan to take care.
Both of them know very well, maybe if they say goodbye today, they will never see each other again.
“Yuyan, let’s go too.”
After God of War left, Ye Fan also called Ye Yuyan, ready to go to Yanjing.
According to Ye Fan’s plan, in the remaining few days, he will build another Yanjing formation to shelter Xu’s family.
One main formation, two divisions, and three legs stand together. At this point, the Yundao Tianjue Formation has been completely completed.
After receiving Ye Fan’s instruction, Ye Yuyan drove Ye Fan to Jianghai International Airport.
They will be there and fly straight to Yanjing.
However, as soon as Ye Yuyan’s vehicle started, Ye Fan suddenly called her: “Yuyan, stop.”
When Ye Yuyan heard the words, thinking that something was wrong, she suddenly stopped.
“Brother Ye Fan, what’s the matter?”
“Could it be that people from Jiangbei came to take revenge?”
After experiencing so many things, Ye Yuyan also seemed to be frightened, and almost subconsciously thought of Jiangbei Budo’s revenge.
Ye Fan didn’t speak, but got out of the car quickly.
He stood in front of the car and looked around. Between his brows, there was always a lingering doubt.
“Could it be my illusion?”
After looking around for a long time, except for the pedestrians and vehicles, Ye Fan found nothing unusual.
Finally, he shook his head and returned to the car again.
After that, they never stayed. Driving a car galloping, quickly disappeared on the streets of Jingzhou.
However, no one noticed that after Ye Fan and the others left, a stunning figure appeared at the door of Ye Family Manor, stopping to look far away.
No one knows, who this person is, where is it from, and why he comes from?
Only in those moving eyes, there is a flicker of hesitation.
When Ye Fan went to Yanjing, on the other side, the King of Fighters had sent his son Mo Wuya out of the hot summer to go to the neighboring cold country to investigate intelligence.
In the past few days, there is no peace in the cold country.
The Zheng family, Cui family, etc., the wealthy families in the cold country, have undergone drastic changes one after another.
Overnight, the senior family members were slaughtered.
Its industries are also scattered everywhere.
Even the Li family, the first family in the cold country, has suddenly changed its head in recent days.
For a time, the storm was all over the building.
Everyone is in danger in the entire circle of power and authority in the cold country.
Li Family Manor, the capital of the cold country.
The hall was full of people at this time.
Those who are familiar with the Li family will surely find that everyone standing in this hall is actually the senior elder of the Li family.
It is these people who control all of the Li family’s industries and build a three-star empire belonging to the Li family across the country.
However, these powerful Li family members looked at the front with a little ugly and fear at this moment.
There, a man and a woman sat peacefully, drinking tea leisurely.
“Have you thought about it?”
“Should I continue to be loyal to the Chu family? Or choose to live?”

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