A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2987

In the room, teasing words sounded.
The speaker was a rough man with a white scarf around his head. The style of dressing is like Persian.
Yes, if Ye Fan were here, he would definitely recognize that the man in front of him was the king of Persia, Gaia.
Before going to the hot summer to find Ye Fan to gather, he was ordered to come to the territory of the cold country and cut off some of the Chu family minions.
And the intoxicating woman who accompanied him was naturally Medical Xian Yueyao.
Yue Yao didn’t seem to be interested in these fights.
From the beginning to the end, she sat there like a person outside of her position, silent.
Such things as killing people are naturally done by Gaia.
“Are you all deaf?”
“The king asks you something, why don’t you say it?”
Gaia glared.
In the room, there was a gust of wind.
The Li family in front of them all changed in color, and the panic in their eyebrows was undoubtedly even worse.
“Your Excellency, I… we can’t betray the Chu family.”
“You also know what kind of energy and power the Chu family has in this world.”
“If we betrayed the Chu family, we would not survive in the future.”
At this time, an older man in the crowd said bitterly.
When Gaia heard the words, he slapped the table fiercely.
Under the noise, the long table in front of him suddenly fell apart.
The porcelain cup and tea above splashed all over the floor.
“Afraid that the Chu family will kill you?”
“Then you are not afraid, did this king kill you?”
Gaia asked sharply, and then continued.
“I don’t have so much time to talk nonsense with you.”
“If you still don’t understand, this king will kill you now!”
Gaia was not a good-tempered person in the first place, and he has been patient with them until now.
The Four Seas Dragon God Order has been activated for many days, and he has to rush to the hot summer to meet Ye Fan as soon as possible after he has handled the matters here.
“Your Excellency is so overbearing and unkind. Don’t you fear the revenge of the Chu family?”
“Even if you kill us today, I believe your own fate will not be much better than us.”
“The strength of the Chu family is definitely not what you can imagine~”
Facing Gaia’s aggressiveness, there seemed to be bloody people in the Li family.
At this moment, with an angry face, he sternly spoke at Gaia.
“Boer, don’t be rude!”
The Li family of others was shocked immediately after hearing this, and quickly persuaded each other.
However, it was too late.
At the moment the youth’s words fell in front of him, a stern energy was suddenly cut out like a knife.
Just listen to a stab.
That young man, before he even had time to scream, he collapsed.
Yin Hong blood gurgled down his neck.
There is a dazzling scarlet in the eye!
Deathly silence, deathly silence.
In an instant, the hall of Nuo Da was silent.
Is this the title powerhouse?
Killing is invisible.
Gaia’s terrible tremor completely shook everyone present.
Finally, under the fear of death, the head of the Li family finally bowed their heads and expressed their willingness to announce that they had resigned from the Chu family.
“It’s so simple, how can there be so much shit?”
While speaking, Gaia threw a black card over.
“This is the black card of the Red Flag Bank. Now all the liquid funds of your Li family are put into this, and we accept the supervision of the funds of the Dragon Temple.”
“This… how can this be?”
“Without cash flow, how can our family business operate?”
“You want our life~”
Upon hearing this, the Li family protested.
As we all know, the most important thing for a business or a company is capital.
Once the capital chain is broken, no matter how big a company is, it will collapse like a castle in the sky.
But now, if Gaia wants to control their finances, it is undoubtedly equivalent to choking the Li family’s throat.

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