A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2991

“The King of Fighters?”
Ye Fan was slightly surprised when he heard this.
Then, he shook his head and smiled.
“It’s because the road is narrow.”
“No matter, since he is the son of the King of Fighters, there is no need to contact his father. I know his father.”
“Well, you can send a courier and send him the son of the king of fighters directly.”
“The King of Fighters is getting older, so he can save him from running errands.”
Ye Fan chuckled, suddenly expecting the King of Fighters to see the express.
“The dragon master can still play.”
On the phone, Gaia’s wanton laughter suddenly came.
After talking about these things, Ye Fan also hung up the phone.
It was just a small episode, Ye Fan didn’t take it too seriously, and then he led Ye Yuyan to a nearby shopping mall to prepare a gift for Xu Lei.
However, where did Ye Fan know that, just as he got off the plane, he received a red urgent file in Yanshan a hundred miles away.
“what did you say?”
“Then Ye Fan came to Yanjing again?”
Inside the hall, the Sword Saint calmly wiped the sword in his hand.
Tang Hao, who was on the side, had just received the news that Ye Fan had returned to Yanjing, his face changed drastically, and he said in surprise.
After the Juggernaut heard it, even though he was calm and sophisticated, the hand holding the sword couldn’t help but tremble.
Even he was scared.
For the Juggernauts, Ye Fan’s name-represents trouble.
In short, wherever this guy goes, he will bring trouble to wherever he goes.
Tang Hao was even a little scared.
“What is Ye Fan doing in Yanjing again?”
“Hasn’t Lu Hua been executed?”
“Could he be unsatisfied, and still ask us about the sin of negligence in the Martial God Temple?”
“This guy, has to lift the sky to stop?”
Tang Hao’s face was bitter, there was helplessness in his words, and he was even more sad.
During this time, because of Ye Fan’s affairs, the entire Martial God Temple was tossed and devastated.
A few days ago, the anger was just calmed down and Jiangbei warriors were calmed down.
But this hasn’t stopped for a few days, Ye Fan actually killed him again?
It’s strange that Tang Hao is not in a hurry.
It doesn’t matter what he is here for, there must be no good things anyway.
When Tang Hao complained, the King of Fighters who had been reading by the window suddenly got up and left without saying anything.
“The King of Fighters, what are you going to do?” Tang Hao asked quickly.
“What else can I do?”
“I’ll destroy him!”
“This bastard has to make an inch, do I have to retreat and then retreat from the Martial God Temple?”
The King of Fighters Mo Gucheng said sensibly.
He had endured Ye Fan for long enough, before considering the overall situation, he resisted the impulse in his heart.
But a few days before it disappeared, Ye Fan came to Yanjing to make trouble again.
Who can stand this?
When Tang Hao heard this, he quickly grabbed him.
“King of Fighters, don’t worry.”
“What I said just now was also a guess.”
“What if someone comes to Yanjing just to travel and relax?”
“In this way, you stay here with the Juggernaut first, and I will go to him and ask him clearly.”
“If Ye Fan really wants to make an inch of it, I don’t need you to act, and Tang Hao will not ignore it.”
After comforting the King of Fighters, Tang Hao hurriedly called someone to prepare a car, and at the same time contacted the intelligence department in Yanjing City to determine where Ye Fan was.
Since the Jiangbei incident, the Martial God Temple has listed Ye Fan as a closely monitored object.
Moreover, the martial arts intelligence department was strictly ordered, as long as Ye Fan appeared in Yanjing, he would report it immediately.
Not only that, after Tang Hao left, the Juggernaut and the King of Fighters immediately strengthened the guards around Yanshan and stopped all outdoor activities around Yanshan.
A tense atmosphere soon enveloped the entire Yanshan Mountain.
“What’s going on here?”
“Could it be that you are about to enter a wartime state?”
“Does the Martial God Temple have to be invaded by the strong?”

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