A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2993

“Cousin Ye Fan, I admire you a bit.”
“Wherever you go, they are all eye-catching objects.”
“As soon as I entered Yenching, some people were scared to sleep.”
“This hot summer is so big, only cousin Ye Fan has this weight.”
At this time, Tang Hao and others had already left.
Seeing those leaving behind, Ye Yuyan smiled idiotically, just thinking that it was very funny.
My cousin just arrived in Yanjing and bought some clothes in the mall, which made the Wushen Temple so nervous.
It can also be seen that Ye Fan really scared the old guys in the Martial God Temple.
“Still laughing?”
“What good thing do you think this is?”
Ye Fan rolled his eyes and said helplessly.
Ye Fan actually doesn’t like being noticed. Rather than being stared at all day long, he would rather be a small character who doesn’t get noticed.
In this case, you can save a lot of trouble.
But Ye Fan also knew that as he gradually revealed his edge, it would be impossible to hide in the dark without being noticed as before.
The wood is beautiful in the forest, and the wind will destroy it.
When you have mastered the power, many things are already involuntary.
“Well, let’s go to Xu’s house, too.”
“After finishing the business, go back immediately.”
“So as not to make some people on Yanshan sleepless.”
Ye Fan looked at Yanshan’s direction, shook his head and smiled.
While talking and laughing, the two left the mall and rushed towards where Xu’s house was.
However, when Ye Fan rushed to Xujia Manor, he found that there were full cars parked outside the door.
“Cousin Xiaofan, is it a special day today?”
“Otherwise, why are so many cars parked outside the door?”
“Moreover, there seems to be a lot of foreign cars.”
Ye Yuyan looked at the foreign license plates outside the door and couldn’t help but wonder.
Ye Fan naturally didn’t know, but just shook his head: “Go in and take a look, naturally you will know.”
At this time, the Xu family hall.
Nuo Da’s room was full of people.
Looking around, they are all senior elders from the Xu family.
Especially an old man sitting on the main seat, with gray hair and prestigious eyebrows, and the gazes around him looked at him with some respect and respect.
Yes, this person is the oldest elder in the Xu family, Xu Wenqing.
Speaking of this Xu Wenqing, he also had a relationship with Ye Fan.
When Ye Fan first came to Xu’s house, he disturbed Xu Meifeng’s birthday party and forcibly took Xu Lei away from Xu’s house.
At that time, Xu Wenqing came out to block, relying on the old to sell the old, delusional to rely on the elder’s majesty to oppress Ye Fan to regress.
But Ye Fan didn’t care about this, he kicked Xu Wenqing and knelt directly on the ground.
Ye Fan’s kick was not light, even after so long, Xu Wenqing’s legs were not clean, and now he walked with a bit of lameness.
“Second grandfather, the uncles are all here, can the family meeting begin?”
Next to Xu Wenqing, there was a man and a woman sitting peacefully.
One of them is Xu Lei’s cousin, Xu Meifeng.
The other person is somewhat face-to-face, not like the Xu family.
But the young man is well-dressed and has extraordinary appearance. Just by his temperament and appearance, he could tell that this young man was also from a wealthy family.
The two behaved intimately, depended on each other, and looked like lovers.
It was Xu Meifeng who was speaking at this time.
I saw her standing up from her seat, smiling while asking Father Xu Wenqing for instructions.
“Miss, did you ask the wrong person?”
“Now that the head of the Xu family is the second lady, you should ask for instructions, and you should also ask the head of the Xu family.”
“But now, you bypass the Xu family’s Patriarch and ask others for advice. What do you mean by this?”
As soon as Xu Meifeng’s words fell, Lin Wenjing, who had been by Xu Lei’s side, couldn’t sit still.
Frowning, questioning Xu Meifeng.

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