A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 2999

The words are strong, like thunder.
As soon as it sounded, it trembled the entire Xujia Manor.
Suddenly, everyone was shocked.
All the people present looked back together with eyes full of panic.
I saw that the door was wide open at the door.
The sunlight outside poured in like flowing water.
Under the dazzling scene, there was a young figure standing alone.
I don’t know why, it is such a thin body, in the eyes of everyone, it is as thick and majestic as a mountain.
“Yes… is it you?”
The moment he saw Ye Fan, Mr. Xu was so frightened that he almost jumped up from the seat.
Although he and Ye Fan were only in love with each other, and he and Ye Fan didn’t see each other for several years.
But even so, this guy named Ye Fan left a deep shadow on Xu Wenqing.
After all, it was this guy who broke his kneecap with a kick and forced him to kneel in a strong posture.
Xu Wenqing was afraid that he would never forget the bullying that day.
Now that after so long, Ye Fan suddenly appeared again, and everyone in the Xu family trembled naturally.
Of course, among the people present, Xu Lei was the one who touched the most.
Especially when I heard Ye Fan’s sentence, who would dare to insult his sister of Ye Fan.
At that moment, Xu Lei only felt that all the pressure and grievances she had suffered in the past few years were worth it.
“Brother Xiaofan~”
After a brief panic, Xu Lei no longer controlled her emotions.
There were tears in the beautiful eyes, and then red eyes, desperately rushing to her boy.
In the end, in front of everyone in the Xu family, this powerful and powerful generation queen in charge of the Yanjing business community rushed into Ye Fan’s arms so disregarding her image.
“Brother Xiaofan, why did you come to see me…”
“I can’t get you through the phone.”
“I can’t find you in Jiangdong.”
“I asked Aunt Mei about your whereabouts, but she didn’t sue me~”
“I thought you forgot about me, I thought you were hiding from me, I thought you didn’t want Leier…”
Throwing into Ye Fan’s arms, Xu Lei was crying.
Tears are streaming down like rain, and he looks sad, like a child who has lost his favorite toy.
In this scene, I just watched Xu Wenqing and other elders of the Xu family.
You know, Xu Lei on weekdays, how majestic is that?
Whether it is in the Xujia industry or in the Yanjing business district, it is the same.
Noble and majestic, only if the heroine general stationed on one side.
However, who would have thought that such a cold and majestic strong woman would be so soft and fragile in front of Ye Fan.
Weak, like a little girl who can’t find her mother.
The hundred-smelting steel in front of the world, when he saw Ye Fan, it became his soft heart.
Such a huge contrast is unacceptable for a time.
“This… is this still the Patriarch?”
“This… is this the president of the Chamber of Commerce in charge of Yanjing?”
Many people’s eyes twitched, secretly surprised.
Even Ye Yuyan, who was standing outside the door, only felt complicated when seeing such a sudden scene.
Although she knew that Xu Lei had a good relationship with her cousin.
However, she never dreamed that the relationship between them would be so close.
In Ye Yuyan’s memory, for so many years, Ye Fan has only been so close to two women.
One is his wife, Qiu Mucheng.
The other one is Miss Xu in front of her.
Everyone is so good and so beautiful that Ye Yuyan feels ashamed of herself.
Ye Yuyan was a little envious.
Obviously she is also Ye Fan’s younger sister.
Obviously, she is the cousin who is really related to Ye Fan.
But myself, the position in this young man’s heart is probably not as good as Xu Lei’s.
“Miss Xu Lei, you are really, very enviable~”
Ye Yuyan stood outside the door, looking at them silently, whispering with a smile on her mouth.

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