A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 3002

Wei Luo laughed when he heard it. His face was sarcasm, eyes full of mockery.
“Mr. Chu is really majestic.”
“Let my master apologize?”
“Even the owner of Yanjing City would never dare to say this.”
“It’s your lover, who pushed my fiancee just now, and hasn’t given me a word yet.”
“Well, since she is your woman, you can atone for her.”
“In the past, kowtow to Fengfeng and apologize.”
Wei Luo held his hands and sneered.
In the words, there was a condescending tone.
When Wei Luo said this, the elders of the Xu family were also gloating and watching a good show. They seemed to want to see Ye Fan deflated in Wei Luo’s hands.
Among the halls of Nuo Da, only Ye Yuyan shook her head: “Heaven’s sins are forgiven. You can’t live your own sins~”
Ye Yuyan said to herself, looking at Wei Luo’s gaze, full of pity.
Sure enough, Ye Fan’s expression at this time was completely cold.
In the eyebrows, there was a faint murderous intent.
“You are playing with fire.” Ye Fan said coldly.
“My God, it’s so scary, so scary.”
“Mr. Chu, Master Chu, don’t be familiar with me~”
Wei Luo laughed, and the words were full of sarcasm and mockery.
After laughing, Wei Luo continued: “Mr. Chu, I advise you, in front of this young master, put away your majesty.”
“Because you don’t even know what kind of existence is standing in front of you at this time?”
“However, you don’t know me, but I know you.”
“I know your birthplace, how you made your fortune, and how you run Yanjing.”
“I know all your details.”
“You are now flaunting your might in Yenching, and you are running rampantly. Don’t you just rely on brute force.”
“Isn’t it just relying on Xu Lei, Xue Renyang, Wei Lin and other subordinates to give you allegiance?”
“But soon, what you have will be gone.”
“My Zhonghai Wei family will unite with the Xu family to take over all your power in Yanjing.”
Wei Luo smiled wantonly, how confident his tone was, as if he had a chance to win.
Ye Fan suddenly became interested when he heard this.
He thought that Wei Luo in front of him was deliberately embarrassing Xiao Lei just to vent his anger to Xu Meifeng.
But now it seemed that he underestimated Wei Luo.
It turned out that what he planned was the entire Yanjing.
Thinking of this, Ye Fan also chuckled, “Really?”
“Listening to you, it seems confident.”
“However, I really want to know, what do you take to replace me?”
“Of course I am confident!” Wei Luo said proudly, “Although I don’t have the same brute force as you, but in my Wei family, there are countless strong people working for me.”
“As for Xue Renyang and Wei Lin’s generation, you win over them only by relying on some monetary benefits.”
“And I can give them benefits far beyond yours.”
“In the morning, my people have gone to the Xue family and the Wei family with enough sincerity to see their head of the family.”
“I believe that at this time, cooperation with them has been negotiated.”
“I have cut off your right arm in charge of Yan Jing, and now Xu Lei has also lost his position as the head of the Xu family.”
“The foundation of your ruling Yenching has been disintegrated by my metal.”
“In the future, this Yanjing is so big that you will no longer have a place for Ye Fan.”
Wei Luo said proudly.
However, Xu Lei’s face changed even after hearing Wei Luo’s words.
“Zhonghai Wei Family?”
“Are you from Zhonghai Wei’s family?”
“The No. 1 giant in China Overseas?”
Xu Lei shouted with eyes full of solemnity.
“It seems that Miss Xu Er is well-informed. Unlike some soil buns, who have never seen the world, I guess I don’t even know my Zhonghai Wei family.” Wei Luo shook his head and smiled.

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