A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1201

He had confirmed this information from Du Feng, because Du Feng was also on the Lion Mountain that day, and he watched Lin Ziming being chased by a peerless powerhouse of the Innate Realm Dzogchen, and died in the explosion.
But now, Lin Ziming appeared in front of him unscathed. This is completely impossible!
In a certain corner, Yin Hong also covered her mouth. She was extremely excited, and her heart thumped. She has lived for more than 20 thoughts, never had her upset like today, never had her mood ups and downs like today.
Now, her mind is full of Lin Ziming’s figure.
Lin Ziming looked down at Du Feng and said faintly: “Are you also on the Lion Rock that day?”
Du Feng quickly said: “Back to Lin Dong, yes, the junior was on the Lion Rock that day, so I was fortunate to see Lin Dong’s unparalleled heroic figure! From that day on, the junior was deeply shocked by Lin Dong, and he regarded Lin Dong as such. Idol! It’s great to see Dong Lin again for juniors now!”
He swears that no one has ever licked a person like this in his life. Lin Ziming is the first one. As a master of the third stage of the Innate Realm, wherever he goes, he will not always be held by the stars, vying to please the existence. ? But now, he kneels and licks Lin Ziming like a dog.
Still in front of so many people, it can be said that his reputation would be ruined if it spread out.
But he still has to do this, because he knows that if he doesn’t make such a statement, then Lin Ziming might kill him!
Compared with Xiaoming, what is self-esteem and reputation?
But he did so, and the impact on so many people in the audience was great. This is especially true for the people on Yao Sheng’s side.
“Lin Lin, Lin Ziming?! That’s wrong, Mr. Du, didn’t you say that Lin Ziming is too dead to die anymore!” Yao Sheng couldn’t accept this fact at all, and he screamed.
The action tonight is a rare opportunity for him to trample Jiang Liqun’s old opponent to death. In his mind, he has already thought about countless scenes of stepping Jiang Liqun under his feet and his unification. The scenery behind the source city.
But now, with the appearance of Lin Ziming, everything is in vain!
Even, the situation will come to a big reversal, and he will be finished!
“Shut up!” Du Feng immediately stared and roared, “Yao Sheng, don’t you want to slander me! When did I say that Lin Dong is dead, Lin Dong is my idol, I have infinite respect for Lin Dong!”
Then, he immediately explained to Lin Ziming: “Dong Lin, the sun and the moon are a lesson, I admire you so much, I have never said anything disrespectful to you outside!”
Lin Ziming smiled, looked at Du Feng with a smile, and then said: “Du Feng, you met the windshield. Seeing that I came back, you started to please me.”
Du Feng smiled awkwardly.
However, Lin Ziming was too lazy to be familiar with Du Feng. He directly said to Yao Sheng: “You were very arrogant just now, you want to move my person?”
Facing Lin Ziming’s coercion, Yao Sheng felt unprecedented pressure. Not only did he swing his legs, his whole body was trembling violently, and his mouth trembled: “No, no, no…”
Lin Ziming snorted and stared sharply. Suddenly, a powerful aura pressed towards Yao Sheng. Yao Sheng is just a master of the second stage of the Innate Realm. How can he stand Lin Ziming’s? Under the pressure, he suddenly collapsed, limp on the ground, kowtow desperately, let Lin Ziming spare his life.

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