A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1205

Yin Hong’s mood has never calmed down. She has never been as excited as she is today. On the way back, her eyes could not help but aim at Lin Ziming’s face, every time she saw Lin Ziming’s knife She sharpened her face so hard that her heartbeat couldn’t help speeding up.
When Lin Ziming drove the car, he naturally saw Yin Hong’s reaction. He said in a puzzled voice: “Miss Yin, why is there something on my face?”
“Huh?” Yin Hong was suddenly looked at by Lin Ziming’s eyes, and she was taken aback, and quickly said, “No! No!”
She hurriedly lowered her head, but the whole face turned red.
Seeing her reaction, Lin Ziming smiled bitterly and said, “Miss Yin, what happened tonight has scared you, I’m sorry.”
Seeing that Lin Ziming had misunderstood, Yin Hong quickly shook his head and said, “There is no, I’m just, just…”
“I just haven’t seen such a scene?” Lin Ziming said with a smile.
Yin Hong looked up at Lin Ziming, then immediately lowered her head, looking a little bit of a woman, quite cute.
Lin Ziming sighed. In fact, he didn’t want to show his violent side to Yin Hong. In his opinion, Yin Hong was a very ordinary woman. It was not a good thing for her to see this side.
He was silent for a while and said: “Miss Yin, don’t worry, what happened tonight is just a dream. You won’t remember anything when you wake up tomorrow, and you don’t have to worry about bad guys bullying you.”
When Yin Hong heard this, she was stunned at the time, and she couldn’t understand the meaning of Lin Ziming’s words. Tonight’s things were so profound that she would never forget them for a lifetime. How could she wake up tomorrow and forget them?
She thought that Lin Ziming was comforting her, and her heart was warm, but she didn’t care about it.
Lin Ziming drove very quickly, and in a short while, he had already returned to the Yin’s house. Lin Ziming parked the car, and then personally delivered Yin Hong to the door of his house.
“Miss Yin.”
He stopped, and suddenly stopped Yin Hong.
Seeing his face-up gaze, Yin Hong finally calmed down a lot of heartbeats and accelerated a lot, but this time she didn’t lower her head and avoided Lin Ziming’s gaze. Instead, she mustered up the courage to face Lin Ziming squarely. ,”Ok……”
“I really appreciate your care these days, thank you.” Lin Ziming solemnly said to Yin Hong.
Yin Hong waved her hand and said with a smile: “No, I just raised my hand. Speaking of which, I should thank you even more!”
Lin Ziming smiled slightly, without answering the conversation, but looked directly at Yin Hong and said, “Miss Yin, if you are given a choice now, do you choose to be a master, or an ordinary person to live a peaceful life?”
This question made Yin Hong stunned for a moment. She didn’t quite understand why Lin Ziming would ask this, and quickly said, “Mr. Lin, I don’t quite understand what you mean.”
“You just need to answer me.”
Yin Hong thought for a while, smiled, and said: “Then I still choose to be a carefree ordinary person.”
Lin Ziming looked at her deeply, “Okay. Miss Yin, forgive Lin for offending.”
“Huh?” Yin Hong was stunned when she heard this, and saw Lin Ziming approaching. Suddenly, her breathing became sharp, and her mood was extremely tense. Oh my God, what is Mr. Lin doing? Could it be that want……
However, when she was thinking about it, Lin Ziming had already walked in front of her. Then, Lin Ziming snapped his fingers, his eyes became deep and psychedelic, attracting Yin Hong’s whole person, and his eyes became demented. After a few seconds, she tilted her head and passed out into a coma, leaning against Lin Ziming’s chest.
Lin Ziming gently touched her hair, and said apologetically, “Miss Yin, I have cleared your memory of the past few days. When you wake up tomorrow, you will still be that ordinary person… “

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