A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1281

When Hu Yan and Chen Xiao saw Zhong Tao appear, their panic began to relax, and they quickly said: “Instructor Zhong is right, this Lin Ziming is very sinful, so he should be captured and executed by torture!”
“Lin Ziming, you are facing a catastrophe, this time let’s see how you die!”
They started clamoring again, what is the difference between them and the shrew cursing the street.
Lin Ziming was a little annoyed by the noise, a cold look swept over him, “Whoever beeps again, I will cut his tongue.”
The noisy sound stopped abruptly, and they were still afraid of Lin Ziming.
When Zhong Tao saw Lin Ziming dare to be arrogant, he became even more annoyed, and snorted heavily, “I’m dying, and dare to pretend! Lin Ziming, last time you dared to kill my brother-in-law, you thought you were Xuanyuan three places. People, I’ll spare you a dog’s life, but you actually dare to openly violate the orders of your superiors. This time I will let you die!”
Faced with his clamor, Lin Ziming directly responded, “Mentally retarded.”
“You, presumptuous!” Zhong Tao was even more furious, and his face flushed with anger. In his opinion, Lin Ziming is already a turtle in the urn. In this case, Lin Ziming’s wisest choice is to kneel down. Begging for mercy, confess to him, instead of being arrogant and seeking your own death like you are now!
Zhong Tao waved his hand and shouted in a commanding tone: “Give me up, take Lin Ziming down!”
His words were full of power. Many people who hated Lin Ziming suddenly ignited the anger in their hearts. They all began to become passionate and angry. They rushed towards Lin Ziming with their teeth and claws. Ming tear!
I have to say that hundreds of people rushed over at once, like locusts, the picture was still very shocking. Wang Shougui, Han Jinlong and others behind Lin Ziming felt unprecedented pressure at this moment and suddenly changed their mentality. Overwhelmed. Many people have begun to swing their legs, and there is a trace of resistance.
“Humph.” Lin Ziming snorted coldly, and saw that he didn’t make any big movements. He lifted his right foot, and then took the next shot fiercely. There was a loud bang, with great strength. Let the ground tremble directly!
And with an unstoppable force, it radiated to the front, so that the people who rushed up in front seemed to have stepped on a landmine. There was a huge impact on the ground, which made them jump up by being’exploded’ all of a sudden. , Fell to the ground and knocked over the people who rushed over.
Suddenly wailing sounded everywhere.
This picture made Zhong Tao frown and frowned a few times, and there was uncontrollable horror and fear in his eyes.
He knew that Lin Ziming was fierce, but he didn’t even think of it. How could he be so fierce that Lin Ziming was even stronger than he was on the Lion Rock!
But how is this possible? How long has it been since then, and Lin Ziming was seriously injured back then.
Could it be that the Colorful Origin Fruit really has such a great effect!
Now Lin Ziming looked over, and he swallowed heavily, unexpectedly feeling a little nervous.
“Zhong Tao, are you scared?” Lin Ziming looked at him, did not hide his contempt for him, and even hooked his fingers, saying: “Come on, I will give you a hand.”

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