A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1301

Half an hour later, Lin Ziming drove the little eDonkey to the five-star hotel. His arrival seemed abrupt. Isn’t it? In front of the hotel, all luxury cars are parked, and he drove a little electric donkey over.
So after he appeared, he attracted the attention of many people. Looking at him, coupled with his plain clothes, normal people would think that he was a food delivery.
“Hello, this is a five-star hotel, and electric cars cannot be parked here.”
As soon as he stopped the car, two security guards came over and said contemptuously.
Lin Ziming is used to this situation. He said, “I’m here to eat, why can’t I stop here.”
“What, you are here to eat? You are funny, just rely on this body you wear, usually work is to deliver food, make three or four thousand yuan a month, do you have the ability to come here for dinner?”
Another security guard said impatiently: “Explain so much to this kind of poor man, let him go quickly, and don’t affect the mood of the distinguished guest.”
“I heard that, our captain said, leave quickly, this is a five-star hotel, you are here to affect the appearance of the city, you know!” The security guard’s face was full of impertinence.
Lin Ziming looked at him, but he didn’t feel the slightest humiliation or anger. On the contrary, he felt a familiar feeling. He finally came back. It reminded him of the scene of being a wasteful son-in-law in the Chu family, which was quite nostalgic.
Since he became No. 1 in G province, it has been a long time since anyone dared to talk to him like this.
However, when the two security guards saw Lin Ziming still laughing, they became even more annoyed, thinking that Lin Ziming was taunting them, “Hey! You poor ghost, don’t shame you, we will warn you one last time and get out. Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”
As they said, they even took out the electric batons and slapped them in their palms, looking fierce and vicious.
Lin Ziming said: “I’m here to participate in the class reunion, you stopped the wrong person.”
“Classmate meeting?” When the two security guards heard Lin Ziming say this, they hesitated, because this kind of thing is indeed very common. In a class, there are always good and bad mixes. But they saw that Lin Ziming had come to the five-star hotel to attend the class reunion, and he was still dressed so shabbyly, and he was still riding a little electric donkey. They really hadn’t seen it before, and they didn’t even think about it. Is it a normal person and wouldn’t do it?
“Are you sure you are here to participate in the class reunion?” One of the security captains said with a bad look, looking at Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming just wanted to talk. At this time, he saw a Porsche driving over. It happened to be the one that Deng Kai opened today. He pointed to the Porsche and said, “My classmate has already arrived. You can ask him directly.”
The two security guards turned their heads and saw the black Cayenne. Their expressions changed immediately, and they ran over to guide Deng Kai to stop.
Lin Ziming rolled his eyes when he saw this scene, it was really realistic.
After Deng Kai parked the car, he saw Lin Ziming and said in surprise: “Ziming, you are here, great!”
Lin Ziming smiled and said, “I also just arrived.”
Deng Kai nodded. He got out of the car and quickly opened the door for the back seat. Soon, there was a graceful figure. He walked out of the car and looked very beautiful. He was wearing a famous brand all over his body, and his temperament was noble. , The face also reveals cold arrogance, it is Han Ruxin.

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