A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1304

Lin Ziming drove the little eDonkey to the parking lot, and then took the elevator directly from the underground parking lot to the 13th floor.
This year’s class meeting was very big. As soon as Lin Ziming got out of the elevator, he saw the entrance of the lobby. There were more than a dozen young and beautiful welcoming ladies standing. They looked very seductive. When someone walked in, they would bow sweetly. Shout: “Warmly welcome the 36th class 5 students of Fenghuanggang Middle School!”
When Lin Ziming appeared, two old classmates had already walked in.
Lin Ziming sorted out his outfit a little, and walked over in stride.
Since he is now dressed too ordinary, it is in sharp contrast with other people who came to the class reunion, so when he came, the welcoming ladies did not bow to welcome him, but stopped him and said, “Hello, Inside is the 36th class reunion of Fenghuanggang Middle School, and other people are not allowed to enter.”
This Miss Yingbin glanced at Lin Ziming up and down, and seeing Lin Ziming dressed so shabbyly, some contempt flashed in her eyes, and her attitude was indifferent.
Lin Ziming said: “I am the 36th student of Fenghuanggang Middle School.”
“Are you sure?” The welcome lady was obviously not convinced.
“Why, don’t I look the same?” Lin Ziming asked with a smile.
Miss Yingbin frowned slightly. She asked herself whether she had seen a lot of rich people. She could tell at a glance whether they were rich or not. She also understood that most of the people in this class reunion were either rich or noble. The money man, and the man in front of him, looks like the bottom of society.
Just when she was hesitating, several people came from behind and saw this situation. One of them, a man in a suit and leather shoes and gold-wire glasses, said: “What happened, why is it blocked here?”
When Miss Yingbin saw this man, her eyes lit up immediately. With her eyes, she immediately saw that this must be a rich boss, so she lowered her posture and said respectfully: “Hello boss, yes In this way, this man said that he is also in the 36th grade of Phoenix Ridge Middle School, and I cannot verify his identity here.”
“Really?” The man with gold wire glasses immediately looked at Lin Ziming, saw Lin Ziming, and felt a little familiar, and asked questioningly: “Are you?”
Lin Ziming recognized him immediately when he saw him, and said with a smile, “Squad leader, you forgot about me so quickly. I am Lin Ziming. We used to be in the same team.”
When the man with gold silk glasses was reminded like this, he immediately reacted, patted his head, and said, “I remember, Lin Ziming, it’s you! You”
Lin Ziming saw that the other party stretched out his hand and wanted to shake hands with him. He also stretched out his hand. But immediately, the other party saw his outfit and immediately retracted his hand. The enthusiasm on his face became much colder. Where did you go, why haven’t you even attended the class meeting?”
Who is Lin Ziming? He saw a flash of contempt in the other person’s eyes at a glance. Obviously, he saw how shabby he was wearing and thought he was too shabby.
To be honest, Lin Ziming was quite disappointed. When he was studying, class leader Dai Xinghuai was pretty good. He didn’t think that after graduation, he would become so cheap. The value of a person is measured by money.

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