A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1305

“I won’t go anywhere, I will stay in Huacheng.” Lin Ziming said with a smile.
“Oh, yes, you haven’t seen me for so long, you are a lot taller, I remember you used to be a little short, only to my chest, hahaha.” Dai Xinghuai teased Lin Ziming, his face full of jokes, he thought he was watching People’s eyesight is very accurate, and now he can tell at a glance that Lin Ziming must have been in a bad mood over the years, or even out of luck, that’s why he would be so shabby even to join the class reunion.
Lin Ziming frowned slightly. He came to attend the class reunion this time with expectation and joy. He originally wanted to relive the past. For some students who are in difficulty, he is also ready to support some students. When I first met the former monitor, I was unhappy.
When he was in junior high school, Lin Ziming was indeed not tall. He was relatively small among his peers, but he would definitely not be so short. Then Dai Xinghuai would be only half a head taller than him.
“Really, I also remember that the monitor once caught a gecko in your bag because of a prank by Deng Kai, and scared you to pee on your pants.” Lin Ziming said with a smile, and went back ironically. Dai Xinghuai is very courageous. He is often scared to pee his pants by bad boys like Deng Kai. He is the laughing stock of the class.
Dai Xinghuai was still smiling happily, but when he heard Lin Ziming’s words, his smile froze immediately, especially when he heard several welcoming ladies secretly laughing, his face was extremely embarrassed, and the corners of his mouth twitched fiercely. Twice!
He glared at Lin Ziming fiercely, and said in a visibly annoyed manner: “Hey, Lin Ziming, don’t talk nonsense, I have always been very courageous. When have I been scared to pee on my pants!”
As everyone knows, the way he is now, he is even more conscientious about Lin Ziming’s words, “Nonsense? No, you are the most courageous person in the class, and many students know it. By the way, so many years have passed, you You should be bolder, right?”
Dai Xinghuai was very angry. He looked at Lin Ziming even more displeased. Originally, he thought that Lin Ziming must have been a bad mess over the years, but now he is already a successful person, and he dares to tease him like this. The following is committed!
But this kind of situation is not easy for him, after all, there are still many classmates in it.
He rolled his eyes around, thought of the way of revenge, laughed, pretending to be relaxed, said: “No kidding, I think many students have already arrived, let’s go in first, I guess you will be able to attend this time for many students. Surprise!”
Then he greeted Miss Yingbin, and Lin Ziming was qualified to go in. This kind of privilege gave Dai Xinghuai a special sense of accomplishment, and his waist was even straighter!
Lin Ziming shook his head, feeling that Dai Xinghuai was too naive. After so many years, he still didn’t change his seductive character.
When he walked into the banquet hall, he found that many classmates had already arrived, and they looked so hot. At a glance, Lin Ziming saw many familiar faces, and a familiar feeling came to his heart.
The green years of the previous junior high school days came back all at once.
Over the past ten years, these old classmates have grown up, and their bodies have changed somewhat. Some students have become fatter, some have lost weight, and some have become more handsome and beautiful.
After Dai Xinghuai walked in, his eyes rolled, he clapped his palms, and said loudly, “Hi, classmates, see who I brought me.”
His words made everyone in the hall look over.

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