A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1308

When the voice fell, a jeweled female classmate came out with a face full of disdain.
“What? Zhou Lian, are you kidding me! Lin Ziming is also a rich second generation. After so many years, how could he drive a little eDonkey over here? You are not funny!”
“Yes, Lin Ziming was the richest man in our class back then. Usually, he was picked up by a butler’s luxury car to go to school. It’s not comparable to us with mud legs.”
“However, it is not easy to say that this Feng Shui turns around. Many big families have lost their fortunes in just a few years because of improper management!”
They were all very surprised when they heard Zhou Lian’s words. On the surface, they were speaking for Lin Ziming, but in their tone of voice, they showed gloat and yin and yang.
Indeed, when he was in school, Lin Ziming was the richest second generation in the class. In addition to his good academic performance, I don’t know that many teenage classmates have a crush on him. Even the class Hua Han Ruxin is paired with him. How many male students are jealous!
If Lin Ziming is still so rich, then forget it, they are jealous and unhappy, and they dare not show it, but they want to please Lin Ziming instead. But now, Lin Ziming is obviously in a loss, and the mix is ​​very bad, even if they ridicule and step on a foot, there will be no consequences, so how can they let this opportunity to beat the dog in the water!
Lin Ziming took their actions in his eyes. To be honest, he didn’t feel angry or humiliated, because he and these old classmates were no longer on the same level. He only feels extremely disappointed now, and he does not think that the simple old classmates of the past have become like this now. He had known it so long ago. He might as well not come to the class reunion, at least he can still maintain the goodness of the old classmates. Memories.
And when they saw Lin Ziming not speaking, they all thought that Lin Ziming was right. They were embarrassed. For a while, they ridiculed more vigorously.
“Lin Ziming, don’t be silent. Is what Zhou Lian said is true? You really came here in an electric car, did you?” A fat male student walked over with a smirk. Said.
He used to be one of the people who had a crush on Han Ruxin, but he didn’t dare to confess to Han Ruxin, let alone fight against Lin Ziming. He only dared to secretly hate Lin Ziming. Now that he found an opportunity, let alone how excited he was.
Lin Ziming glanced at him lightly and said, “Zhu Bajie, are you gloating at misfortune?”
The corners of Zhu Bajie’s mouth twitched. His name was Zhu Jie. Because he was fat, he was nicknamed Zhu Bajie. This is his dark history. Since he graduated, he became the boss. No one has just called him this way. He was so annoyed to think that Lin Ziming dared to mention it!
“Lin Ziming, you are fine for Lao Tzu. Lao Tzu’s name is Zhu Jie, not Zhu Bajie. Then you call Lao Tzu Zhu Bajie. I am anxious to believe it or not!” Zhu Jie tore his face and said fiercely. He hates it most. Others called him a pig.
However, Lin Ziming smiled and said, “I know the Bajie.”
“You!!” Zhu Jie flushed with anger. He subconsciously wanted to beat Lin Ziming with his hands, but immediately, he realized that Lin Ziming was a tall cow, a full head taller than him, and he was so big. After drinking and playing with women in the past few years, he had already hollowed out his body. Now it is the silver gun wax head, and Lin Ziming will be the one who will suffer.
So even if he was angry, he didn’t dare to take action. He could only hold back obediently and shouted, “Poor ghost! You deserve to drive an electric car forever!”
Lin Ziming didn’t care about this kind of clown, he was just disappointed that all the innocent old classmates of the past have become like this.
He already had the idea of ​​leaving now, and he planned to say hello to Deng Kai, which would be great.

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