A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1312

Deng Kai was so excited now, his whole body burst out, his entire face flushed, and he looked very scary.
And he really scared many people, because he has been a very humble existence over the years. Although he is in the same class, he is Han Ruxin’s driver. Over time, no one takes him seriously. Think that he is just a driver, and they are not of the same level.
In addition, Deng Kai is indeed very humble. He usually helps in class meetings. Everyone is accustomed to his inferiority. It is totally unimaginable that he will have an explosion, and he dared to yell at them. .
Lin Ziming was also stunned, looking at Deng Kai blankly, and to be honest, he was still very moved.
The same old classmates, but the difference between Deng Kai and Dai Xinghuai is really too big. It can be said that Deng Kai has not changed at all. Lin Ziming is also a person who has been rolling in the society. He deeply understands that if you want to keep the original Me, what a difficult thing.
Lin Ziming looked at Deng Kai deeply and made a decision in his heart that he must help this old classmate well.
However, Deng Kai’s words made them all angry. Dai Xinghuai took the stage and stared at Deng Kai angrily, yelling: “Deng Kai! You fucking seek death! You, a little man, dare to scold us, you I am impatient to live, right?”
Another female classmate said: “Deng Kai, what do you mean, do you dare to teach us? You don’t pee, just take your own decay, what qualifications do you have to teach us, you You can’t make the money I earn in a month in a year! You are simply a shame to our class. If it weren’t for Mr. Han’s face, do you really think you are really qualified to participate in the class reunion, huh!”
“That’s right, this kind of person is really, there is no self-knowledge, no wonder you have been a driver for others all your life! If it weren’t for Mr. Han’s kindness, leaving you as a driver, you may not even find a job, I think you are The same waste as Lin Ziming!”
“What do you stare at, you are wrong? Also, do you dare to curse in front of President Han, your feelings are to curse President Han too!? Well, you are really brave enough, even President Han dared to curse. .”
They all began to attack Deng Kai one by one, directly treating Deng Kai as an enemy.
Han Ruxin also looked at him coldly, looking badly, as if angry.
Deng Kai was very hot at first, but he was stared at by Han Ruxin’s eyes, and immediately began to persuade him. After a few years, he was really afraid of Han Ruxin, and he was instinctively in awe, “I, I just told Lin Ziming Just a fair word.”
Dai Xinghuai immediately caught the opportunity, took a step forward, pointed to Deng Kai’s nose, and cursed: “What are you, and you dare to say that your own is fair. Don’t you put Ruxin in your eyes? Remember, you work for Ruxin. If Ruxin didn’t pay you every month, you wouldn’t even be as good as a dog!”
When Deng Kai heard this, his face turned black, and he was particularly angry. A stomach of fire poured into his face, clenched his fists, and stared at Dai Xinghuai, with a strong desire to beat Dai Xinghuai!
However, he did not dare, because Dai Xinghuai was right. Han Ruxin was indeed his boss. If Han Ruxin hadn’t paid him, he would not find such a high-paying job outside. In today’s society, there is no money. , That’s even worse than a dog!
He is not alone now. He is married and has a family to support.
So even if he has a strong urge to beat Dai Xinghuai, he dare not do it because he knows that once he does it, Han Ruxin will definitely be very angry, and the consequence of Han Ruxin’s anger is to copy him. Not what he can afford.
He can only hold back tightly.
Dai Xinghuai saw him like this, especially desperately, and said, “Apologize to us.”
“Yes, apologize to us!”
“Deng Kai, you fellow, you have offended us and you must apologize to us.”

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