A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1314

Facing the ridicule of these old classmates, Lin Ziming remained motionless, he just stared at Deng Kai indifferently, waiting for Deng Kai’s answer.
Deng Kai was stunned at this time. His reason told him that this was impossible, but emotionally, he was willing to believe that it was true. Although Lin Ziming looked ordinary now, it was revealed in his eyes. Confidence made him intuitively believe it.
After such a delay, Han Ruxin became dissatisfied, her face turned black instantly, and she said directly to Deng Kai: “It seems you don’t take me in your eyes, okay, starting today, you have been fired! I want to see if Lin Ziming can really make you a master!”
Deng Kai suddenly shook his whole body and began to panic, and said quickly: “Mr. Han, don’t fire me. I was just on an impulse. I definitely didn’t mean to offend you!”
Han Ruxin snorted heavily, and said: “On the spur of the moment? I think you were so arrogant just now that you even scolded me! It seems that your wings are hard now, and I don’t even pay attention to it. Just now. Really dream of stepping on my head and being a master! Okay, then you can be a master with Lin Ziming! I want to see if you can find a high-paying job if you leave me!”
Now Han Ruxin showed a vicious side, destroying her image of a goddess.
Deng Kai continued pleadingly and said: “Mr. Han, you have been wronged. I have been your driver for so many years. You also know what I am. Why would I want to step on your head? This is a misunderstanding! For the sake of old classmates, don’t fire me. I still have a family to support and I can’t lose this job.”
Deng Kai begged hard now. Safety is the bitterness of a middle-aged man. Lin Ziming was quite uncomfortable. He didn’t think that after so many years, Deng Kai was so miserable, and Han Ruxin was too unkind.
The other students were gloating, and the smiles on their faces did not hide.
“Oh, Deng Kai, didn’t you scold it fiercely just now, why are you misfired now!”
“Deng Kai, you are so kind, let me show you how arrogant you are!”
Facing the ridicule of so many people, Deng Kai was extremely difficult to accept, but he did not dare to refute it like just now. There is no way, his backbone has been crushed by life, and there is really no capital to refute it.
Deng Kai continued begging again: “Mr. Han, give me another chance, can you please, please.”
Han Ruxin snorted and said, “You beg me for no use, these classmates can forgive you, and I can continue to keep you.”
Deng Kai had no choice but to look at other classmates, Dai Xinghuai immediately stood up and said: “Let’s do Deng Kai, we won’t make things difficult for you. This incident was caused by Lin Ziming. If you slap Lin Ziming in the past, let it go. You are still our good classmate.”
Others also echoed: “Yes, we are pretty good at talking. If you can’t do this, it means that you are sincere, and you don’t put President Han in the eyes.”
They babbled and urged Deng Kai to fight Lin Ziming, so they were willing to let him go.
Deng Kai was annoyed again at the moment, Lin Ziming clearly did not do anything wrong, he slapped Lin Ziming, what has he become, is he a villain who sells his friends for glory! Besides, he called Lin Ziming over, and he couldn’t help Lin Ziming. He couldn’t do this kind of thing.
So he said to Han Ruxin: “Mr. Han, why don’t you deduct my salary for two months, because I just have half a year’s salary, and you only need to pay me four months’ salary.”
This is Deng Kai’s biggest concession. Two months’ salary is more than 10,000!
However, Han Ruxin’s face was cold again, and she said, “Okay, you are sentimental and righteous, then you can go away. From today on, you don’t need to be fired. You don’t want the half-year salary!”
“Mr. Han!” Deng Kai panicked immediately. He used his half-year salary to support the family. If Han Ruxun didn’t send it to him, what would he take to support the family?
Just when he was extremely excited and wanted to beg for mercy even lower, a big hand pressed his shoulder, “Deng Kai, you don’t need to beg her, she will beg you soon.”

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