A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1315

It was Lin Ziming, he said this to Deng Kai very seriously.
When Deng Kai heard this, his scalp became even more numb, and he said helplessly: “Brother, don’t do anything wrong. To be honest, my family is very difficult now. This salary is my only way out.”
Han Ruxin was watching coldly, she wanted to see, what Lin Ziming could say!
Lin Ziming said: “I know, so I told you just now that I am rich, richer than you think. I can make you a master with one word. It’s not a joke.”
Deng Kai didn’t believe it. Instead, he showed a worried expression on his face. He reached out and touched Lin Ziming’s forehead, and said in a low voice, “Are you wrong?”
Lin Ziming said helplessly: “I really didn’t lie to you. If you don’t believe me, I will take you to my company tomorrow, and you will know.”
Deng Kai became more worried, thinking that Lin Ziming must have been hit hard, causing some mental disorders.
All of Dai Xinghuai’s classmates laughed loudly, thinking that Lin Ziming was a clown and was making them laugh.
Han Ruxin shook her head, and she said directly to Lin Ziming: “Lin Ziming, I still have some expectations for you, but now it seems that I think too much.”
Her tone was full of superiority and contempt for Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming has tolerated her for a long time, but she embarrassed Deng Kai just now, and Lin Ziming’s impression of her has dropped to a freezing point, “Han Ruxin, you have only made a little achievement. As for such a frustration, do you make things difficult for Deng Kai? Not to mention that Deng Kai is your old classmate. Anyway, Deng Kai helped you a lot for working for a few years.”
Han Ruxin’s face immediately turned cold, she stepped forward and said with a sneer: “Hoho! A little achievement? Lin Ziming, you failed waste, dare to speak up in front of me? What a big joke!”
Dai Xinghuai was the first to run out to defend Han Ruxin, pointing at Lin Ziming and cursing: “What is a little achievement, Lin Ziming, if you drive a battery car, you have the face to say this. Do you know how much Han President’s wealth is now? Ten 100 million, more than one billion, under his five companies, involving clothing, real estate, and finance! And you, what kind of thing, in front of President Han, you are just a rubbish!”
The other classmates also hurriedly came out to agree, degrading Lin Ziming to be worthless. Lin Ziming laughed at that time, thinking that this group of people were frogs at the bottom of the well.
He said directly to Deng Kai: “Deng Kai, let’s go, I will make you a master tomorrow.”
Deng Kai sighed heavily. In this situation, he couldn’t stay any longer, shook his head, and left with Lin Ziming dejectedly.
However, at this moment, Han Ruxin spoke and stopped Lin Ziming: “Stop!”
“Is there anything else?” Lin Ziming turned around indifferently.
Han Ruxin stared at him and said, “Lin Ziming, do you know why I agreed to let you come to tonight’s classmate meeting? That’s because I want to tell you in person that in the third year of junior high, you refused my confession. The worst decision in my life! Fortunately, your refusal made me feel strong, and through hard work and talent, I have achieved today’s results! And you, in the end, are just a waste, even a car can’t even drive a waste!”
After she said this, she felt comfortable. After waiting so long tonight, she just waited for this moment.
After hearing this, the others were very surprised. They did not think that Han Ruxin had refused with Lin Ziming. Now think about it, Lin Ziming is a Shabi, and actually rejected Han Ruxin. Now he must regret that his bowels are all green!
Especially Dai Xinghuai, he couldn’t help laughing.

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