A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1317

Hearing this, everyone was surprised, and the eyes looking at Mr. Cao became more respectful and awe-inspiring.
Mr. Cao was particularly proud and waved his hand and said, “Cao is just serving the people, there is no difference from everyone.”
By coincidence, Han Ruxin realized that Cao Jun was the person with the highest status in her contacts, and she was still so young and single. She had already moved her mind to see if she could hook up with this big man!
Over there, Lin Ziming was delayed for a while because of the arrival of Mr. Cao. Now he continues to move forward and was discovered by Han Ruxin. He immediately pointed to him and said, “Mr. Cao! Please help. This person just humiliated him. Because he bullied me is a female generation. I have no way to deal with him. Now he has bullied me and has to leave. He also asked Mr. Cao to help the young woman get justice.”
“What?” When Cao Jun heard this, his face suddenly changed, and his eyes looked at Lin Ziming like electricity. A powerful aura radiated from him, and he said, “Where is the little deflated?” Three, dare to be rude to Miss Han, stop for me!”
His majesty is great, to ordinary people, as heavy as a mountain. Facing his intimidation, Deng Kai paled with fright, stopped in place and did not dare to move.
He even made his legs tremble in fright, particularly unbearable.
Lin Ziming frowned slightly, thinking that Han Ruxin was also an old classmate. He didn’t want to be as familiar with Han Ruxin, but Han Ruxin was not only appreciative, but also had to make an inch of it.
“What do you want?” Lin Ziming stopped and asked Han Ruxin.
Seeing Lin Ziming’s fear, Han Ruxin smiled triumphantly and said, “I want you to kneel down and apologize.”
Lin Ziming said with a calm face: “Han Ruxin, you are too much.”
“Excessive?” Han Ruxin sneered: “When you ruthlessly rejected me, you didn’t say too much! Do you know how sad I was back then! I know you look down on my background and think that my family is rich and worthy? A rich second generation like you! But can you play with my feelings wantonly? You don’t have this right!”
Han Ruxin was completely distorted, Lin Ziming didn’t bother to pay attention to her anymore, turned around and left.
However, Han Ruxin obviously would not let him go, let Cao Jun go out, stop Lin Ziming, and insisted on Lin Ziming to kneel down and apologize to him.
Lin Ziming’s eyes flashed coldly, his patience was limited, and Han Ruxin tried to make things difficult for him again and again, and he would not wait to die.
“Presumptuous, a mere man, dare to be arrogant, I think you are impatient!” Cao Jun waved his hand and ordered his subordinates to violently take Lin Ziming down.
Lin Ziming’s eyes became colder now, and with a cold snort, he shot directly, and put these men down in three or two.
“I said you dare to be so arrogant. It turns out that you are still a practitioner. It seems that I was the only one who took the shot!” Cao Jun flexed his hands, took off his coat, and wanted to take action against Lin Ziming. He was a strong man at the peak of the day after tomorrow, and he couldn’t tell Lin Ziming’s. Strength, thinking that he would be able to take Lin Ziming down by himself.
However, at this moment, more than a dozen people walked in quickly from the door. One of them, a middle-aged man in military uniform, saw that Cao Jun was about to attack Lin Ziming. Damn, who gave you the courage to attack Instructor Lin!”

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