A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1318

Cao Jun was about to attack Lin Ziming, but when he heard the violent shout, he was shocked and his whole body shook. When he looked up and saw the person coming, he was even more surprised and blurted out: “Lieutenant! You! Why is it here too?!”
At this time, Cao Jun was extremely surprised. This is his immediate boss, who is far above him. How can he appear in such a civilian place?
And most importantly, those who were with the school lieutenant were also big men of not low level, and every level was higher than him.
Cao Jun immediately realized that something major had happened?
Do these superiors think he is here? Are those sordid things he did have been discovered? However, it is also very unlikely. Even if he was indeed discovered, it wouldn’t be enough for so many superiors to show up to capture him at once.
Besides, those dirty things about him are not particularly serious. At best, they are punished. How can they not send out so many big people all at once.
The other people in the banquet hall became even more anxious when they saw this group of big people coming. Don’t look at them being so arrogant in front of Deng Kai and Lin Ziming, but in fact, they are just ordinary people, at this level. Before the big guys are full, they are not enough to see, just like the ants!
And Han Ruxin is also nervous now, although she is not as worried as Dai Xinghuai and theirs, but now her heartbeat is beating very fast.
Because she knew how high Cao Jun’s status was, and now these big men are obviously still Cao Jun’s superiors, what level must they be? She couldn’t believe it.
At the same time, she was also excited, sure, she could get to know these big people, as long as she could get in touch with each other, then she would just take off.
The group of people came quickly and gave Cao Jun a fierce look. Cao Jun saw this battle, his mood became more tense, and his heartbeat was almost too fast.
However, just when he thought the school lieutenant would greet him, the scene he had imagined appeared. He saw the school lieutenant walk up to Lin Ziming and said respectfully: “Instructor Lin, the military god wants to see you. .”
Hearing the word “Military God”, Cao Jun’s brain exploded immediately, and his whole person was stupid!
As a member of the army, he knows very well what the word military god means, that is the supreme existence among the three armies, and it is also one of the souls of China! He has been in the army for so long, and he has only heard of the name of the army god. He has never seen the army god before. Now, a dozen or so senior captains are coming to invite the man in front of him?
So what is the identity of this man?
Cao Jun didn’t dare to think about it anymore.
Thinking that he had even cursed others for being a crippled man just now, and dared to be violent to them, he was so terrified now, cold sweat was streaming down.
As for Han Ruxin, she was dumbfounded now, and she couldn’t recover for a long time. With her brain circuit, she couldn’t figure out why this happened.
This is Cao Jun’s superior, it means he is a super big man, and now he invites Lin Ziming in such a low profile? Who is Lin Ziming? This is unscientific!
Not only her, but so many classmates in the banquet hall are also dumbfounded and completely confused, which can be said to have completely subverted their cognition. At their level, it is impossible to imagine why this happened.

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