A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1320

“Why, don’t you recognize me?”
After coming out, Lin Ziming saw that Deng Kai was still out of mind and doubting his life, so he smiled and said.
Deng Kai slowly recovered his senses, swallowed heavily, and looked at Lin Ziming. The expression in his eyes seemed to be the first time he knew Lin Ziming, “Who are you?”
He asked this sentence, he really felt that Lin Ziming was too strange now, not the Lin Ziming he knew.
Lin Ziming laughed haha ​​and said, “I am naturally your junior high school classmate, Lin Ziming.”
“But you…” Deng Kai’s mind was still messed up, and from his cognition, it was hard to digest.
Lin Ziming said: “Okay, let’s do this tonight. You go home now and have a good sleep. I will find you tomorrow, and you will know who I am.”
Deng Kai’s mouth moved. He originally had a lot to ask Lin Ziming, but he saw more than a dozen big people next to him. Everyone exuded a terrifying aura, which was particularly scary. He stayed in the middle. , I feel pressured.
He nodded heavily and said, “Okay, then I’ll go back first.”
“Well, go ahead.”
Deng Kai looked back at Lin Ziming in three steps, and his mood was indeed very uneasy now.
After he left, the school lieutenant said: “Instructor Lin, there is still no time to introduce you. My name is Xie Boming. I am a school lieutenant under the seat of military god.”
Lin Ziming clasped his fist and said, “It turned out to be Xie Xiaowei, long and long admiration.”
Then a dozen other people also greeted Lin Ziming separately and reported their names. Lin Ziming was also surprised when he heard that, each of them was not low in the army.
And now more than a dozen people came to invite him together, it can be said to give him enough face!
Originally, Lin Ziming was very calm, thinking that he himself has now reached the innate realm of Dzogchen. As long as there is no treason, then he is a rare genius for Hua Guo and will not punish him too much.
But now, the Army God has sent so many high-profile big men to receive him, which makes him a little bit suspicious. Is the Army God disarming him?
But anyway, I have reached this point and can only continue to go down.
He believed that the military god would not embarrass him.
This time, more is to see if his heart is in the country!
The military god is not in Hwaseong, but in Yandu, and he will be there in a few hours by helicopter.
This is Lin Ziming’s first time in the capital, and he is still quite looking forward to it.
As soon as he arrived in Yandu, Lin Ziming felt a breath of majestic dragon veins, rushing towards his face, the entire Yandu structure, like a creeping oriental dragon, is gradually waking up and will soon take off. , Disregard the world.
This is not metaphysics, but national destiny, ordinary people can’t see it, but when you reach Lin Ziming’s realm, you can clearly feel it.
Moreover, Lin Ziming also felt that in Yandu, there is a powerful aura, which is tightly integrated with the entire Yan, like the eyes of a giant dragon.
Lin Ziming knew that this breath must come from the army god.
After flying for a while, I arrived in front of a huge courtyard and landed.
“Instructor Lin, here, the old man of the military god is inside.” said the school lieutenant Xie Boming.

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