A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1322

What he said was neither humble nor overbearing, and there was no fear because the man in front of him was a military god and Shangfeng. If nothing else, his calmness had already gained the appreciation of Huangpu Road and Shangguan’s stalwart.
Huangpudao looked up at him with a faint smile, and said, “Can you play chess?”
Lin Ziming said: “I know a thing or two.”
Huangpu Road said: “What about a round?”
To be honest, when Lin Ziming came, he thought about many possibilities, including the military god will directly attack him, even attack him, and kill him, but he never thought that the military god would be so polite to him, like a spring breeze. Look like. Even Shangfeng was very polite to him, as if he had met an old friend as kind.
Lin Ziming didn’t hesitate too much. When he reached his state, he had already achieved the same degree of form and color. He also smiled and said, “Since the military god has invited him, it is better to respect his fate.”
Shangguan Wei’an took the initiative to leave his seat and sit down for Lin Ziming. He also smiled and said, “Instructor Lin, it’s up to you to win the battle god. My old bone was killed by him.”
After speaking, Shangguan Wei’an also patted Lin Ziming on the shoulder, seeming to have high hopes for Lin Ziming.
Although Lin Ziming had never seen the old man in front of him, Lin Ziming had guessed from the nun temperament of the other person that this must be a very distinguished person. Think about it, too, what can be the difference if you can play chess with the military god?
Now Lin Ziming sat down, facing the military god, he immediately felt a rush of death and iron and blood, and even from Lin Ziming’s ear, he suddenly heard the sound of ten thousand horses galloping and thousands of army fighting!
Lin Ziming felt awe-inspiring. He knew very well that this was the god of war. His aura was too strong, and it directly affected his spirit. This is a terrifying thing. You know, he is a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen!
They are the few people standing on the entire pyramid of human civilization, and they still appear so immature in front of the military god.
It seems that the gap between the Innate Realm and the indestructibility of King Kong is even greater than he imagined!
Fortunately, Lin Ziming was not affected too much. He was already back to normal after almost only one breath. A calm smile returned to his face, and he said, “Military god, please.”
When the military god saw that he could return to normal so quickly, some appreciation flashed in his eyes, and he secretly nodded, admiring Lin Ziming more and more.
He sees too many young men with extraordinary talents, but he sees him for the first time like Lin Ziming is so calm and calm beyond his age. After all, most geniuses are proud and arrogant. After achieving results, their mentality is often easy to expand, but Lin Ziming doesn’t have this characteristic, which is a rare thing.
“Instructor Lin, please.” The military god also smiled, and then signaled that Lin Ziming was the guest and settled first.
Lin Ziming is also not polite, because he knows that the military god’s chess skills must be very high, even better than professional players! Because the higher the cultivation level, the higher the degree of brain development. In theory, the diamond body is not bad, and the degree of brain development is at least 50%.
And he only reached 30%.
Lin Ziming took Bai Zi and fell quickly, his mentality quickly calmed down, and he focused on playing chess with the military god.

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