A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1325

Lin Ziming smiled slightly, and soon he made a move. With his move, the chess game immediately changed again. In the eyes of the military god, the rebel army, which had a strong momentum, actually experienced civil strife, and its momentum began to decline.
He immediately raised his head and looked at Lin Ziming. Soon, he saw the magnanimousness and sincerity in Lin Ziming’s eyes. He laughed loudly, with a particularly hearty smile.
“Interesting and interesting!”
Everyone was stunned, wondering why he suddenly found out that it didn’t look like his character?
And Lin Ziming also showed a smile, and he was relieved, this time he saved his life.
Shangguan Wei’an was also a little dazed. He said, “Brother Huangpu, what are you laughing at? Could it be that you have already won?”
The military god constricted his smile and nodded: “Yes, I won, I won, but Lin Xiaoyou also didn’t lose.”
Hearing this little friend Lin, Shangguan Wei’an’s eyes flickered visibly, and he couldn’t help being surprised! As a good friend for many years, Shangguan Wei’an knows very well what the voice of Lin Xiaoyou on Huangpu Road means, it means that Lin Ziming has been recognized by Huangpu Road!
Is it just because of a game of chess?
Not only him, but the thirty-plus masters of the innate realm present at the scene also had huge waves in their hearts. At the same time, they couldn’t help but envy Lin Ziming for being recognized by the military god. This is the supreme glory!
Lin Ziming was also a little surprised, but he also reacted quickly, inevitably also a little flattered in his heart.
In fact, just now, he seemed to be playing chess with the army god, but the army god was actually testing him and testing his patriotism.
He quickly understood, and responded to the military god with his actions. He used his strength to tell the military god that he was not a mediocre, but a genius against the sky.
However, no matter how genius he is, it does not mean that he is rebellious. When he finally wanted to capture the army god’s lair, he took a step back and told the army god that he had never had a conspiracy towards the country. No.
And the military god is extremely clever, he immediately understood Lin Ziming’s thoughts.
The Army God waved his hand and motioned the others to go out. After a while, Lin Ziming, the Army God and Shangguan Wei An were left in the courtyard.
“Lin Xiaoyou, you are a smart person, so I won’t be arguing with you. What was your purpose for what happened last time.” The military god Huangpudao asked directly.
Lin Ziming didn’t have any surprises. He answered truthfully: “It’s true that I was trying to save my wife.”
“Oh? Is your wife terminally ill?” asked the military god.
“Exactly.” Then Lin Ziming told Chu Fei truthfully.
After listening to it, Shangguan sighed and said: “So you took the risk to save your wife and grabbed the colorful origin fruit?”
Lin Ziming said with a wry smile: “I have only this way to go, otherwise my wife will not be able to live. Shangfeng, I’m sorry, I am too self-righteous. I violated the military order. Please Shangfeng to punish me!”
Lin Ziming is a smart man who knows how to advance and retreat. Even if the military god has forgiven him now, but Shangfeng has not expressed his opinion, he will not be triumphant, so he has to hurry up and bow his head to Shangfeng.
Shangguan Wei An didn’t answer immediately, but looked at Lin Ziming with piercing eyes. After a while, he said, “Capital sins can be avoided and living sins are inevitable. You disobey the military order, it is a serious crime! However, the thought is that you are against the organization. For merit, I can spare your life, but you have to redeem it, you know!”
There is no reason why Lin Ziming could not agree. He stood up straight and saluted, “Subordinates understand that they will atone for their merits!”

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