A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1329

It is the first time that Lin Ziming has seen such a person.
But Lin Ziming knew that if he didn’t show the other party a bit of color, the other party would not stop.
“Huh, in that case, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Lin Ziming’s momentum changed again, he shot directly, pressing the shoulders of the short-haired woman, and pressing her body sinking so hard to move.
The short-haired woman now opened her eyes wide and looked surprised. Looking at Lin Ziming, that expression clearly meant that she didn’t even think that Lin Ziming actually dared to make a move against her.
Shangguan Shuyao is indeed very surprised. You know, she is in the compound, and she is the existence of Xiaobawang. Her grandfather is Shangguan Weian, also known as the grandfather of Huangpu Daojun. His identity can be said to be very explosive. , No one dared to bully her, she was the only one to bully others.
As for the masters of the Innate Realm, each of them had been her sparring partner, and each of them had been beaten by her. Of course, it wasn’t that she could not beat her, but she didn’t dare, so she could only hold her head and be beaten. It was precisely because of this that her mentality was particularly swollen.
But now, Lin Ziming dared to attack her, and she was still unable to move. How could she not be surprised?
But after being surprised, she became even more excited. Looking at Lin Ziming, her eyes were filled with blazing heat, making Lin Ziming’s scalp numb.
“Very good, you dare to attack me!”
She was not angry, but continued to attack Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming really had a headache seeing her like this. In his eyes, the short-haired woman was like an ant on the ground, constantly yelling at him, confident and not afraid of death. But he couldn’t trample this ant to death, which was very uncomfortable.
“You forced me!” Lin Ziming snorted again, and then, a powerful aura radiated from him, pressing on the short-haired woman.
Although Lin Ziming didn’t give off all his aura, he couldn’t be underestimated. He was so scared that he didn’t dare to move after he changed to a general acquired pinnacle master. However, the short-haired woman in front of him only paused slightly, and continued to attack Lin Ziming without any influence.
Lin Ziming was quite surprised, the other party actually ignored his aura, it seemed that the psychological quality was not simple.
Thinking about it right away, it feels normal. As a person of such a noble origin, he has been surrounded by big people since childhood. Over time, his psychological quality is naturally far superior to ordinary people.
But as a result, he has a headache even more.
Lin Ziming was so stunned that the short-haired woman had already punched him and hit his chest. He didn’t feel any pain, but the pendant on his chest was blown up!
In an instant, his face changed and he sank directly!
He was really angry now, that pendant, which was given to him by Chu Fei, had a special meaning, but now it was broken by this crazy girl!
“You’re too much, don’t teach you a lesson, you are really lawless!” Lin Ziming snorted, and then he shot again. This time, he didn’t keep his hands anymore, and directly counterattacked, grabbing the woman with short hair. Feet, and then lifted Shangguan Shuyao with one hand and stood upside down.
Lin Ziming’s hand finally made Shangguan Shuyao panic. She was a woman, and it was too indecent to be lifted up like this.

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