A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1332

Lin Ziming was already subdued, but the other party had fucked up with him and cursed: “I don’t want to come down now. If you have this kind of thing, you will hang me forever! Humph!”
what’s going on? I don’t want to let her go?
Lin Ziming was also dumbfounded in an instant.
At first he thought that the other party was doing it, but when he took a closer look now, the other party was obviously serious.
For a while, Lin Ziming had a headache, and felt that he was in bad luck and was in trouble.
Looking at the other party’s appearance now, it was obviously already quite difficult, but her expression still didn’t give the slightest bit of defeat, and she looked like she was going to fight with herself, which really made Lin Ziming a headache.
Yes, just treat yourself as conceding defeat, too lazy to be familiar with this kind of crazy girl.
Lin Ziming then put the other party down and said, “Okay, I let you go, and you don’t do anything, between us…”
However, as soon as Lin Ziming let go of Shangguan Shuyao, she still hadn’t finished her words. After she landed and adjusted her posture, she immediately launched an attack on Lin Ziming, which was simply unreasonable.
“Hey, you!” Lin Ziming was completely confused, what kind of person is this.
Moreover, Shangguan Shuyao had the expression of gritted teeth, wishing to swallow Lin Ziming in one bite, making Lin Ziming look a little frightened.
“Asshole, you dare to hang me, I won’t let you go, today is either you die or I live!” Shangguan Shuyao gritted her teeth.
Lin Ziming is really dumbfounded and helpless now. What’s the situation? He is so good, how can he provoke such a mad woman? If it is other people, the key is Shangguan’s granddaughter. It’s uncomfortable if you can’t or scold it.
Fortunately, at this moment, from the side room, there was a scolding voice, “Girl, what are you doing, don’t stop me!”
It was Shangguan Wei’an. He appeared with the military god Huangpu Dao with a calm face and a bit of helplessness between his eyebrows. Originally, he wanted to use Lin Ziming’s hand to frustrate Shangguan Shuyao’s spirit and let her know about people. There are people outside and there are heavens, but I can’t imagine that this girl is so arrogant that she doesn’t even care about the innate realm of great perfection.
And Lin Ziming is also a personal spirit. At a glance, he saw that Shangguan Shuyao’s identity was not simple, and he didn’t dare to offend him, so he finally had to appear.
Shangguan Shuyao saw her grandpa coming out, she was not afraid at all, snorted, did not stop, and continued to attack Lin Ziming, obviously she did not put her grandpa in his eyes.
This made Shangguan Wei’an feel very embarrassed, but he was helpless.
Finally, Huangpudao coughed twice and said, “Shu Yao, stop for a moment, this person is my subordinate.”
Hearing what Huangpu Road said, Shangguan Shuyao stopped and even smiled and said, “Okay, Grandpa Army God.”
When it was over, she deliberately glared at Shangguan Wei’an, apparently seeing her grandfather’s routine clearly, but she was very angry with Shangguan Wei’an.
This dead girl is getting less and less of him.
Lin Ziming breathed a sigh of relief. These two adults have come out. If they don’t come out again, he really wants to leave without saying goodbye and just slip away.
He also greeted Huangpu Dao and Shangguan Wei’an, and said, “Senior Military God, Shangfeng, it’s getting late, I almost have to go back.”
Huangpu Road said, “Should you leave after lunch?”

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