A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1334

After saying this, Lin Ziming said two silent excuses. Under special circumstances, Chu Fei could only be moved out.
Sure enough, after hearing his words, Huangpu Dao and Shangguan Wei’an also expressed regret. Since they are like this, there is no way to do it. Although they are superiors, this kind of thing is a private matter and cannot be overwhelmed by others.
However, Shangguan Shuyao on the side opened her eyes wide in surprise, and said, “How do you know that this young master is a female?!”
She has an incredible expression now, it seems that Lin Ziming can recognize her gender, which is a very outrageous thing.
Lin Ziming: “…………”
Whampoa Road and Shangguan Wei’an couldn’t help being embarrassed. Shangguan Wei’an coughed twice, feeling very embarrassed.
Lin Ziming is considered convinced, the feeling girl always thinks that she is very well-disguised, and no one else can tell.
Did she think she was a man after she had a short haircut?
Lin Ziming cooperated with her and looked surprised: “Could it be that you are a man?”
Shangguan Shuyao nodded vigorously, straightened her chest, and said proudly: “Yes, I am a man, a pure man like you!”
After speaking, she also patted her chest, looking like she was a tough guy.
Seeing this movement of her, Lin Ziming called his eyes sharply and quickly moved his eyes away. He saw too many tigers, but it was the first time he saw someone like Shangguan Shuyao.
“Cough cough cough!” Shangguan Wei’an was so angry that she coughed a few times and scolded: “Shangguan Shuyao, what are you doing! When the whole world is stupid like you!”
Shangguan Shuyao looked surprised. Could it be that his disguise is not good, so he can be seen so easily? But she has worked very hard.
Lin Ziming was really embarrassed to stay any longer. He once again bid farewell to Huangpu Road and Shangguan Wei An, and stayed again. He didn’t know how much he had to see Shangguan Shuyao’s operation with his eyes.
“Hey, don’t run so fast, wait for me.” Shangguan Shuyao immediately chased after him, but this time, how could Lin Ziming still give her a chance? He walked out of the compound in a few steps and walked out. In the compound, he just disappeared.
Shangguan Shuyao chased it out, but she couldn’t see anyone anymore. She was so angry that she stomped her feet severely, and cursed: “You let him run away, damn it!”
But immediately, a treacherous smile appeared on her face again, and she muttered to herself: “Humph, do you think you can run away? I now know that you are in Hwaseong, you can’t escape from my palm sooner or later! ”
After understanding this, her mood became happy again, the expression was like a little girl found a fun toy.
After Lin Ziming left, he was sure that Shangguan Shuyao was not chasing him. He breathed a sigh of relief, but immediately, he was also depressed, because he knew that the energy of Shangguan Shuyao must be easy to find him. found.
As for such a stubborn princess, when the time comes, he will really run to Hwaseong and pester him, then he will be in trouble, like brown sugar, it is difficult to shake it off.
I had known that he would not go out for morning exercises today, so there would be nothing like this.
Originally, Xie Boming wanted to take him back in person, but Lin Ziming refused. In any case, Xie Boming is a high-ranking captain and a high-ranking captain, so his driver is not appropriate. And Xie Boming is just being polite. If he really asks Xie Boming to send it back, then he has no emotional intelligence.
Lin Ziming went back by himself, but it was easier. After he booked the tickets online, he didn’t have a quick response. Instead, he visited Yandu for a while to appreciate the luck and charm of Yandu.
Different cities have different luck and charms. If Hwaseong City is a small successful businessman, then Yandu is a powerful ruler, and the whole city exudes a lot of extravagance.
At Lin Ziming’s realm, spiritual practice is often much more important than physical practice.
After Lin Ziming arrived in Yandu, he felt the luck of Yandu city, and his whole person was sublimated.
At night, he returned to Hwaseong smoothly, and the moment he got off the plane, he felt another way.
For ordinary people, they can’t feel this kind of change. Only when they reach Lin Ziming’s realm can they feel deeply.
Believe that at the level of the military god, the feeling will be even more profound.
“Vajra is not bad, I believe I can reach it soon!” Lin Ziming muttered to himself, clenching his fists, his eyes filled with endless confidence.
When he came back this time, he didn’t tell anyone, he just talked to Chu Fei, but he told Chu Fei not to come to pick him up, which was too much trouble.
As for Han Jinlong and Wang Shougui, he said nothing more, otherwise, with their two personalities, they would definitely arrange a large team to meet them. He didn’t want to be so high-profile.
Back at Yulong Bay, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening. It was quite late. The two old men were asleep. The lights in Chu Fei’s room were left on. Lin Ziming looked from a distance and knew that Chu Fei was waiting. When he came back, he immediately felt warm in his heart.
It feels so good that someone at home is waiting.
After returning, Chu Fei was very happy to see him. After learning that he had solved the problem, had not received any punishment, and had been promoted, she was finally relieved and her whole body relaxed.
In the past few days, although she didn’t say anything, she was still worried in her heart. At this moment, she relieved her burden and gave a sincere smile.
Seeing Chu Fei asleep, Lin Ziming smiled contentedly and happily, kissed her gently on her lips, and then went to take a cold shower.
As soon as time passed, a few days passed. Lin Ziming spent the past few days very regularly. Most of the time, he stayed with Chu Fei. Helped to deal with the problems on the Chu family’s side, and everything was back on track.
However, he has always been thinking about his mother’s side, how is it now?
He is almost the same, and is also going to get his mother back…
It was completely different from his leisure time, and now Han Ruxin was anxious.
Since the classmate meeting that day, she has been fidgeting and insomnia for several days.
She couldn’t understand why Lin Ziming suddenly became so powerful. Through her investigation, she became more and more frightened, and at the same time, her heart became more and more hot…

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