A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1335

Lin Ziming didn’t know what Han Ruxin thought. Even if he knew it, he wouldn’t care. For him, Han Ruxin was just a small person and could not affect his life at all.
On the contrary, it was Shangguan Shuyao who caused him a headache. I hope that this crazy girl will not come to Hwaseong to find him, otherwise it will be in trouble!
In the past few days, he stayed at home almost, and started to report to three places in Xuanyuan.
In any case, the three places of Xuanyuan treated him well, and he still had to explain it, otherwise their hearts would be bad if they were chilled.
Returning to the three places of Xuanyuan, Lin Ziming could clearly feel that the atmosphere was not the same as before, a little more solemn and Xiao Sha, it seemed that he was experiencing something important.
“Military power, idlers stop!”
As soon as Lin Ziming approached Xuanyuan’s third base, he was stopped by a few guards at the door.
Their waists were straight, their expressions were serious, and their faces were a bit immature. It was obvious that they were recruits who had just arrived at the third place of Xuanyuan, so they didn’t know Lin Ziming either.
Lin Ziming smiled and said, “I’m Lin Ziming, the instructor of the fourth group, and I’m here to report.”
However, these recruits heard him and didn’t take it to heart. They thought he was joking and scolded: “Nonsense, the instructor of the fourth group is Chen Song, who are you, dare to pretend to be Xuanyuansan? People at the office!”
The recruit frowned and looked menacing. I have to say that he was still a bit prestigious.
Lin Ziming was quite emotional. He didn’t think he would come back in just a month, and Xuanyuan would not recognize him in the third place. Just when he wanted to explain, one of the recruits stared at Lin Ziming, suddenly thinking of something. , Said excitedly: “I remember! Lin Ziming! He is the former instructor of the fourth group, and he has committed a crime. He was taken out of three places by Xuanyuan, and he didn’t expect to be back today!”
When he said this, the other recruits also remembered, and their eyes looking at Lin Ziming were full of jealousy and hostility. They clenched their guns, subconsciously faced Lin Ziming, and stood ready.
Seeing their reaction, Lin Ziming felt helpless, and said, “I am coming back to report this time. You can let me go.”
However, those new recruits looked at Lin Ziming with anger, “No! You are a sinner, we can’t let you in!”
“No, we are going to catch you!”
They looked at each other, and after speaking, they really shot Lin Ziming and wanted to take Lin Ziming down.
Lin Ziming frowned slightly. It was natural that he could not sit and wait for death. He was caught by these little soldiers. When he shook his figure, he escaped from their surroundings and said, “In this case, I went straight in.”
“No, he wants to force it!”
“Lin Ziming, I order you to stop, raise your hands and surrender, otherwise don’t blame us for shooting!”
With that said, they actually set up their guns and looked at Lin Ziming as if they were going to shoot at any time.
It can be seen that they are very jealous of Lin Ziming. Although they have just arrived, they have also heard some remarks about Lin Ziming. Invisible, they think Lin Ziming is a very scary person.
Lin Ziming frowned deeper. He didn’t expect that it was only a month later that he would encounter this kind of thing when he came back to the three places in Xuanyuan. Could it be that all three places in Xuanyuan thought he was treason?
At this moment, Lin Ziming felt something. He looked up, and soon saw six people walking quickly over, shouting loudly: “Stop! What are you doing? Put your guns away!”
It was from the fourth group, they rushed over immediately and ordered them to stop.
“Squad leader, isn’t this person the sinner in the third place of Xuanyuan?”

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