A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1339

Three places in Xuanyuan.
Lin Ziming has been back for two days. He seems to have returned to his previous rhythm. The difference is that Peng Zhuo directly promoted him to the position of chief instructor of Xuanyuan No. 3, and even the Fang Team and Dragon Blood Team were under his control. .
Logically speaking, this was not in compliance with the rules, but there were no opinions on Xuanyuan’s three places.
Especially, when they saw that Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang were not his opponents together, and they were easily defeated, they became even more disagreed. They even felt that it was an honor to be pointed by Lin Ziming. .
“It’s not good, it’s not good!”
In the conference room, a soldier rushed in in a panic with a panic face.
“What are you panicking!” Sun Liang scolded immediately.
“There is an accident, Sun, Xuanyuan, and Xuanyuan two people come here, come to arrest people!”
Sun Liang was slightly taken aback when he heard this, and said, “You speak clearly, Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 have come to arrest people?”
The other people in the conference room also frowned. The status of the three places is equal, but the direction of responsibility is different. Xuanyuan No. 1 and Xuanyuan No. 2 are so good. How can they come to catch people and what to catch? people?
“Grab Instructor Lin, they want to arrest Instructor Lin. The coming is so fierce, we can’t stop it.”
Hearing this, the expressions of the people in the conference room suddenly changed.
When the voice fell, the door of the conference room was pushed open, and a group of people rushed in. Among them, it was Fan Zhengping who was in the lead. Following him, Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang and others, mighty, all Master.
Seeing this scene, even Peng Zhuo began to shrink his pupils and realized the seriousness of the matter!
You know, Fan Zhengping is the chief of Xuanyuan Second Division, sitting on the other side, he is also an extremely master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, and he wouldn’t be easily dispatched! And now that Fan Zhengping comes to arrest people himself, then it shows that he is bound to win.
If it was just Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang, he would still be sure to deal with it, but Fan Zhengping would not be sure.
And what worries him the most is that Lin Ziming lied to them and was not charged with getting rid of it? That’s why he came to arrest people personally? !
In an instant, many thoughts flashed through his mind.
When other people saw Fan Zhengping, their faces changed drastically, full of fear and awe.
Fan Zhengping is also a legend.

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