A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1340

Originally, the people in the three places in the Xuanyuan meeting room were very angry when they saw someone breaking in, but when they saw Fan Zhengping, their momentum was immediately weakened.
“Fan Zhengping, you brought a large number of people and rushed to the third place of Xuanyuan to do something. This is not compliant!” Peng Zhuo stood up and said coldly.
Fan Zhengping didn’t answer him directly, but glanced across the conference room, and didn’t notice Lin Ziming. He frowned slightly, then stared at Peng Zhuo and said, “I’m here to catch someone and hand Lin Ziming out. ”
The tone of command he used completely, high above, in terms of military rank, Peng Zhuo and him are of the same status, but he didn’t put Peng Zhuo in his eyes at all, and he was very arrogant.
Peng Zhuo said: “Fan Zhengping, if you don’t say hello, you ran to my three places in Xuanyuan to arrest people, you are extremely arrogant!”
Peng Zhengping said impatiently: “Peng Zhuo, I won’t fight with you. Lin Ziming is a sinner and must be sent to court for trial. You dare to protect him from the three places in Xuanyuan. I think you still have some friendship, I don’t need to report this matter, you immediately hand over the sinner Lin Ziming.”
Zhong Tao also stood up, squinted his eyes and said, “Chief Peng, you were also present on the Lion Rock that day. You witnessed what Lin Ziming did. This is an absolute felony. You dare to protect him and be careful. Long position is not guaranteed!”
Sun Liang said: “I think it is you who are bold. Instructor Lin has personally seen Shangfeng and the God of War, and has been acquitted of the crime, and you still arrested him in the name of a sinner? You do not have a God of War and God of War. The peak is in sight!”
When Fan Zhengping heard this, he frowned slightly. He immediately looked at Zhong Tao and questioned him a little bit. Zhong Tao immediately said: “Chor Fan, don’t listen to them bragging. Lin Ziming is a sinner. How can he? Get rid of the charge, let’s say, what is the identity of the old man of the army god, where is the little person like Lin Ziming, you will see it if you want to!
If Lin Ziming really gets rid of the charges, they will come to arrest people, although it is not a crime, but shame is inevitable. Especially this time Fan Zhengping went out in person, he was even more cautious.
However, in the past two days, he also went to inquire, and he didn’t hear any information about Lin Ziming’s acquittal, and even the wanted order was still there, otherwise he wouldn’t come over easily.
“Peng Zhuo, you just think that Lin Ziming is in the congenital realm of Great Perfection, which can guide you to rebuild the glory of the three places of Xuanyuan, but you have thought about it, and you have the ability to save him!” Fan Zhengping He said in a cold voice, full of majesty, exuding it, making the atmosphere in the entire conference room even more tense.
Peng Zhuo snorted heavily and said, “Fan Zhengping, you think I’m a fool, and Lin Ziming is guilty of getting rid of the charge. I dare to protect him? But you, the chief of the dignified Xuanyuan Second Division, the innate realm is perfect. A master, actually faked his public for personal gain, and avenged his personal revenge. If it goes to Shangfeng, I don’t know what the result will be!”
Peng Zhuo was a grade lower than Fan Zhengping in realm, but he was not afraid of it at all, and he was tit-for-tat with Fan Zhengping and wanted to protect Lin Ziming to the end.
He was not arrogant, but believed in Lin Ziming, and also believed in his own intelligence and judgment, although there were no clear orders on it now, which meant that Lin Ziming had been acquitted. However, from another perspective, the message of Lin Ziming’s return is no longer a secret. Shangfeng must have already known it, but Shangfeng has not sent someone to arrest Lin Ziming, so that indirectly shows that Lin Ziming has been washed away. Charged.
Fan Zhengping saw that Peng Zhuo was so tough, and he followed suit. Anyway, he has come over today. In any case, he has to take Lin Ziming back. Even if Lin Ziming has been cleared of the charges, Shang Feng has not issued a clear order. After coming down, he could also use his plan to torture Lin Ziming severely.
Of course, he did this not simply to vent Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang, but he seriously suspected that Lin Ziming had eaten the Colorful Origin Fruit to break through to the Great Consummation of the Innate Realm. At that time, he could extract the forest. Study Ming’s blood carefully!
He has stayed for a long time in the Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, and now he dreams of breaking through to the Immortal Vajra body, even if he does everything he can!
He had tried many methods, but they all failed. Now the appearance of Lin Ziming gave him a ray of hope, so he must take Lin Ziming back!
He tore his face straight and said in a high-pitched posture: “Peng Zhuo, I am not here to fight with you. Lin Ziming is a sinner. I must bring him back. If you know each other, you will hand him over, otherwise, don’t Blame me for being merciless!”

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