A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1346

Obviously, Lin Ziming won the boxing this time.
The audience suddenly became silent, and the needle dropped.
Everyone looked at Lin Ziming in shock. They had no idea that Lin Ziming would have won. You know, Fan Zhengping is not a stinky fish or shrimp, but the famous living Hades. Among the three armies, all of them are ranked top. Big shot.
But now, was defeated by Lin Ziming?
Even if they saw it with their own eyes, they still felt very unreal, as if they were dreaming.
Especially Zhong Tao and others were all dumbfounded and their pupils contracted. They couldn’t believe it was true.
After a brief astonishment, Peng Zhuo and others became excited, their faces flushed!
Lin Ziming didn’t stop, but flicked his finger, then counterattacked Fan Zhengping, saying faintly, “Now, it’s my turn.”
At a distance of tens of meters, the blink of an eye disappeared. Lin Ziming arrived in front of Fan Zhengping and took it with a palm. Like the Buddha suppressing the Great Sage, even if the Great Sage has great energy and broad magical powers, he can’t escape the Five Fingers of the Buddha. .
At this moment, Fan Zhengping was under Lin Ziming’s palm, and he felt that he was a grandson monkey, powerless and helpless.
This is because Lin Ziming’s mental strength is too great, which has brought him a huge disturbance, and caused him the sorrow and despair of flying his wings.
However, he is also a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, a martial arts, has reached the highest level, and the combat experience is countless. He has already reacted almost in an instant, and he snorted heavily and said: “Little carving skills, Dare to make an axe in front of me!”
Although he lost to Lin Ziming with a punch just now, he was terrified in his heart, but he would not think that he was not Lin Ziming’s opponent, on the contrary, he aroused a stronger fighting will in his heart.
Deep down in his heart, he also put away his contempt for Lin Ziming and regarded Lin Ziming as an opponent of the same level.
As the chief of Xuanyuan Second Division, Fan Zhengping spent most of his life in battle. A master who is more powerful than him, he hasn’t killed him before, and Lin Ziming in a small area really can’t scare him.
Lin Ziming felt Fan Zhengping’s fighting spirit and self-confidence, and he admired it in his heart. No wonder that Fan Zhengping could have such a mighty power. He suppressed the entire Xuanyuan three places alone.
However, the more so, the more excited he became, and his fighting spirit was surging!
He doesn’t have any more nonsense, so he concentrates and fights with Fan Zhengping.
Fan Zhengping is the strongest opponent he has encountered since his debut.
If he can defeat Fan Zhengping, then he will have more confidence in Zhan Jian Rushuang.
Although Fan Zhengping was forced to retreat with a punch just now, he did not hurt Fan Zhengping. He still maintained his original combat strength.
This battle was fought so dimly, if it weren’t for Peng Zhuo and Zhong Tao, the fourth stage masters of the Innate Realm to maintain, many people would have been accidentally injured.
But even so, the battle brought by Lin Ziming and Fan Zhengping deeply shocked them. They have never seen such a fierce and terrifying battle. They seriously doubt that if this continues, they can The entire Xuanyuan three places have been torn down!
Their speed is too fast, their battlefields are everywhere, and the dust is flying in the sky, so that everyone can’t see how their battle is going. They can only hear the sound of punches that make people listen to blood.
Suddenly, the intense sound stopped.
Then, a cold voice reached everyone’s ears: “Fan Zhengping, you are defeated.”

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