A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1347

what’s the situation? Hearing Lin Ziming’s voice, everyone was stunned.
Next, they saw a shocking scene.
I saw the dust slowly dissipating, showing the scene in it. I saw Lin Ziming standing with his hands on his hands. Although he was injured, he didn’t look embarrassed. Fan Zhengping got up from the ground in ragged clothes. Less injury, a decline and unwillingness.
Obviously, Fan Zhengping was defeated and lost to Lin Ziming!
This result stunned all of them and couldn’t believe it was true!
Peng Zhuo’s eyes widened, and his eyes couldn’t hide the shock, even though he knew that Lin Ziming was also in the congenital realm of Dzogchen, at the same realm as Fan Zhengping. However, Fan Zhengping is a well-known living king. In the past two decades, how many earth-shattering things Fan Zhengping has done, and now he is actually defeated by Lin Ziming!
Lin Ziming only broke through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen some time ago.
Subversion is really too subversion.
Even Peng Zhuo had a numb scalp, let alone other people, especially for Zhong Tao and others, it was an extremely strong blow!
“Fan, he actually lost?”
“No, it’s impossible, how could this be possible, Fan Chu is an absolute king, how could he lose to the young man Lin Ziming…”
Fan Zhengping stared at Lin Ziming fiercely. The shock in his heart was the greatest. Just now in the battle with Lin Ziming, he used all his best to do everything possible, and he still lost to Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming’s strength is too strong, especially the ability to learn. The farther behind, Lin Ziming’s moves are more sophisticated. He loses step by step, and when he reacts, he has no power to fight back!
“You, what kind of evildoer are you!” Fan Zhengping is now calm, but full of horror and disbelief.
Now he began to believe that Lin Ziming had already seen the military god’s statement, because Lin Ziming’s writings were too enchanting, and he already had such strength before he was thirty years old. How could the country be willing to obliterate such a talent!
No wonder Lin Ziming was so calm from beginning to end!
“Damn it!” Fan Zhengping scolded, not Lin Ziming, but Zhong Tao and Luo Hongyang. If it weren’t for these two idiots, he wouldn’t come to Xuanyuan to arrest people. If it succeeds, it’s okay. Anyway, the order from the peak comes down. Lin Ziming is indeed a sinner, but now he loses, his face is discredited, and when he spreads it out, he becomes a laughingstock!
Lin Ziming seemed to be smiling but not smiling, obviously he saw his thoughts clearly, “You, the chief of Xuanyuan No. 2 Office, was urged by two subordinates, and I really admire you. Do you think I don’t know that I am responsible for the crime? Come back, just waiting for your jumping clown to appear. However, I still have to thank you for helping me complete the test.”
Fan Zhengping is a wise man. He immediately wanted to understand when he heard this. He was immediately angry again. His feelings were deceived by him. He has become a tool for the military god to test Lin Ziming!
In an instant, even with his disposition, he couldn’t help but get angry, gritted his teeth, and almost ran away.
Thinking of him, Fan Zhengping was in the hands of Lin Ziming for half his life, so damned!
But he didn’t dare to do anything anymore, snorted heavily, and was about to leave.
Lin Ziming stopped him and said, “Fan Zhengping, where are you going?”
Fan Zhengping stared at him and said, “Lin Ziming, I admit that you have two brushes. This time I underestimated the enemy. I will spare you for the time being. However, Shangfeng’s temper is not as good as mine. Order it, you are doomed!”
“Hahahaha.” Lin Ziming laughed loudly as if he heard a big joke, “Fan Zhengping, at this point, you give me this set. I really thought I was young and I was just a soft persimmon. People knead?”

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