A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1349

Ten minutes later, Fan Zhengping left in a desperate manner.
A group of people at the third place of Xuanyuan were left in a trance, unbelievable.
An apology is almost impossible for people like Fan Zhengping, and it is even more uncomfortable than killing him.
But just now, Fan Zhengping apologized, succumbing to Lin Ziming’s lewd might, this was an incredible thing for them.
This is especially true for people like Peng Zhuo who know Fan Zhengping, because they have known Fan Zhengping for many years and have never seen Fan Zhengping apologize.
But Lin Ziming did it today.
The eyes they looked at Lin Ziming were no longer admiration, but absolute awe. They could imagine how great Lin Ziming’s future achievements would be, and his status would become more and more detached. Even the small temple at Xuanyuan Three Can’t tolerate Lin Ziming.
Not long after, Yandu compound.
“This kid is arrogant enough, even if he defeated Fan Zhengping, he actually made Fan Zhengping apologize.”
Shangguan shook his head and said, but there was a lot of appreciation in his eyes.
Military god Huangpudao said with a smile: “He is not arrogant, but deliberately made for others. Once such an image is erected, it will be more convenient for him to act in the future. This Lin Ziming is a great talent.”
Shangguan Wei’an nodded and agreed with Huangpu Dao’s statement. He said: “Hua Guo can cultivate a talent like Lin Ziming, which shows that the national fortune is still there. Maybe he can give that task to Lin Ziming.”
Huangpu Dao shook his head and said: “Don’t worry, observe and observe.”
“Well, then observe again.”
After this incident, Xuanyuan went up and down in three places, but treated Lin Ziming like a god.
Even when Peng Zhuo spoke to him, his tone of voice did not consciously respect him, let alone other people.
Lin Ziming didn’t have much feeling for this kind of change, and he smiled off, unknowingly, he was used to this kind of treatment, and he was not surprised.
The next day, Lin Ziming left three places in Xuanyuan and went back to Huacheng.
During this period of time, Chu Fei was busy again. The Chu family, under her leadership, became more and more prosperous. Centec Lighting Company has also raised several rounds of financing, and it is even starting to hit the level of listing.
And Lin Ziming’s three major companies, under the operation of Wang Shougui and Han Jinlong, are also thriving, and he does not need to operate at all. Now he has become the most leisurely person.
His personal wealth is getting higher and higher, and his assets have exceeded 300 billion, which is terrifying.
However, when the money reaches a certain level, it has lost its meaning. It is just a bunch of figures. Lin Ziming took the money and did a lot of charity.
As for the old classmate Deng Kai, he was assigned to work under Han Jinlong. When Deng Kai knew Lin Ziming’s identity, he was shocked. It took a full minute before he recovered, and then shouted excitedly. Sounds stubborn.
He knew that Lin Ziming was not ordinary, but Wan Wanren thought that Lin Ziming’s industry was so big that some big companies he usually heard of were actually related to Lin Ziming.
In contrast, Han Ruxin is nothing but an ant!
He is very fortunate now that he is not like Dai Xinghuai’s group of guys. The dog sees people inferiorly, otherwise, how could he have such a good opportunity!

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