A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1350

Now he followed Lin Ziming and attacked directly.
And this message spread very quickly, only a few days later, the old classmates all knew the identity of Lin Ziming, the bosses of several giant groups, even the lord of the city, were respectful to Lin Ziming!
When they heard the news, they reacted completely in shock, and then slapped themselves twice, regretting it to the extreme.
I knew that Lin Ziming’s background was so big, and gave them a hundred courage, and they didn’t dare to go against Lin Ziming, let alone mock Lin Ziming!
Especially Dai Xinghuai and others were even more frightened and worried all day for fear that Lin Ziming would trouble them. Within a week, Dai Xinghuai fell ill and almost died.
They knew that Deng Kai was now following Lin Ziming and took off directly. They were too jealous. Those who originally looked down on Deng Kai began to flatter Deng Kai, especially a few female classmates who were pretty decent and still used beauty. To seduce Deng Kai.
For a while, Deng Kai also felt the taste of being a master.
However, he did not lose himself. He knew that Lin Ziming hated this group of classmates. If he was adept at putting these old classmates in, then Lin Ziming would definitely be unhappy.
Deng Kai, a person who has been in a state of despair for so many years, cherishes this kind of opportunity. Just like a drowning person, he will not let go of his life after he has grasped the straw.
As Banhua’s Han Ruxin, she has had a bad time recently and has had insomnia for a few days.
After she knew Lin Ziming’s background, she had countless ideas, but they couldn’t implement them because she couldn’t get in touch with Lin Ziming at all.
To say regret, she is the one who regrets the most.
She could have taken Lin Ziming down by taking the initiative with her appearance, but she wasted this opportunity!
When people are unlucky, everything will happen. She feels that her luck is beginning to go bad, her career is declining, and several projects have lost money, and now there is a shortage of funds.
It’s all because she has developed too much in the past few years, which has made her mentality swell up. There is no good foundation. When the market was good before, it was not revealed, but now the market is not good, it immediately reveals the truth.
If this continues, it won’t take long before she will go bankrupt.
She wanted to ask Lin Ziming for help, but Lin Ziming didn’t pay attention to her at all. She couldn’t even see her. There was no way. She had no choice but to go to other bigwigs in the industry to raise a financing and tide over the difficulties.
Tonight was in the hotel. She was drinking with more than a dozen customers. She had drunk a lot, and she vomited several times.
“Mr. Chen, I really can’t drink anymore, I want to drink more, it won’t work…” Han Ruxin said pleadingly.
Mr. Chen said with a smile, “The last cup, I won’t drink it after the last cup.”
Han Ruxin looked at the full glass in front of him, at least two or two, she would definitely be drunk if she drank it again.
She knew very well that Mr. Chen’s purpose was to get her drunk and then assault her.
In her mind, a man appeared, Lin Ziming, if he didn’t mock Lin Ziming that night at the classmate meeting, would Lin Ziming be willing to help her?
But there is no turning back when she opens the bow. She has already done this, and there is no possibility of redemption, even if she regrets it now that her intestines are blue.
“President Chen, if I drink this glass of wine, would you like to sign a contract?” Han Ruxin gritted her teeth and said.
Mr. Chen stared frantically on her, nodded and said: “Yes, as long as you drink, I will sign the contract, hehe.”

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