A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1351

Han Ruxin was struggling. If she drank this glass of wine, she would definitely be drunk, but if she didn’t drink it, then she would not be able to get through this difficult time!
After careful weighing, she decided to drink it.
“Okay! I drink! I hope Mr. Chen will not break his promise.”
“What a joke, who is Chen Liqiang? If I say it, how can I break my promise with the splashed water! Today I put my words here, as long as you drink this glass of wine, I will sign the contract!” Mr. Chen Said grandiosely.
Han Ruxin’s heart moved, she was really eager for this financing, and finally she gritted her teeth, picked up the wine glass, and lost a mouthful!
This is a foreign wine of dozens of degrees. The stamina is very big, almost two or two. After she drank it, the whole body was swayed, her face was red, she was about to bleed, her eyes were blurred a lot, and she hit hard. A wine hiccup, said: “Chen, I, I have already drunk the wine, you can sign the contract now.”
Mr. Chen was already a little awake seeing her swaying appearance, his eyes made no secret of the heat and wretchedness, especially when he saw Han Ruxin’s protruding body, he salivated and swallowed constantly. .
“Don’t worry, I’ll have some food first, and I’ll sign it right away when I have dinner.”
Han Ruxin immediately changed her face and said anxiously: “Mr. Chen, sign it now. We have read the contract and both ways. There is no problem. You only need to sign it.”
Manager Chen laughed happily: “Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll sign it right after I have dinner. Manager Han, you look so beautiful. I heard that you still don’t have a marriage. Is it possible that you are still a virgin? ”
Now Mr. Chen tore off his disguised side, and looked at Han Ruxin squintingly. His eyes were like seeing through Han Ruxin’s clothes.
Han Ruxin is not an idiot. She doesn’t know where she is. Chen Liqiang is playing tricks on her. The other party has no plans to raise money. From the beginning to the end, they are teasing her, but they are greedy for her body!
“Mr. Chen, you just promised me that as long as I drank, you would sign the contract, you, how can you break your promise now! What is the difference between your approach and the villain?!” Han Ruxin was embarrassed. Said.
Chen Liqiang frowned and said, “Mr. Han, please pay attention to your words! I just promised you to sign the contract after drinking, but there is no saying that you will sign it immediately. Now, you sit down and chat with me. When I am in a good mood, I will consider signing a contract.”
“You!” Han Ruxin suddenly became angry. If she changed from before, like Chen Liqiang, she wouldn’t have to take it seriously, but now, there is no way. She can only be a grandson if she wants to ask others.
She has almost a catty of wine after drinking, and now she feels very bad, her whole body is hot, her vision is blurred, and she can’t even stand too firmly. It’s disgusting!
There were no other people at the dinner to help her. They looked at her with a smile but seemed to be sure that she was a cooked duck and would be eaten by Chen Liqiang sooner or later.
Chen Liqiang said in a hurry, “Han Ruxin, I know your current situation, and there is a shortage of my financing, otherwise your company will go bankrupt. By that time, your end will be even worse.” As far as I know, you asked the bank to borrow a lot of money, right?”
Han Ruxin gritted her teeth, and now her wine spirit is up, her whole body is dizzy, and her brain can’t work.
“Speaking of which, I’m not hiding it anymore.” Chen Liqiang lit a cigarette and said: “You obediently accompany me for a month. I signed the contract and raised 200 million yuan. Han Ruxin, you are a smart man. , I believe you know what to do.”
Han Ruxin was trembling with anger.
What made her most angry and desperate was the vice president who came with her, who also said with a smile but a smile: “Mr. Han, I advise you to follow Mr. Chen, so that we can save our company.”

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