A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1356

On this day, Lin Ziming was eating, and suddenly received a call from Jiang Liqun, his tone was very anxious and flustered, “Dong Lin, it’s not good, someone is making trouble on our site…”
Lin Ziming frowned immediately. Jiang Liqun was in the source city, and now he is the absolute king. Especially after he annexed the Yuntian Pavilion and the Xuandan faction, Jiang Liqun’s strength has increased by more than one level, and there are people now. Dare to make trouble on Jiang Liqun’s site?
Moreover, with this tone, Jiang Liqun still couldn’t figure it out.
“What’s the situation, speak slowly.” Lin Ziming said.
Immediately, Jiang Liqun said that it turned out that Jiang Liqun opened a new company and started cutting the ribbon, but he was turned up and blocked directly.
At the beginning, Jiang Liqun didn’t take it too seriously, and he was not a small person in Yuancheng. He had a lot of contacts, so he immediately called out.
But in the end, he couldn’t figure it out at all. The other party’s background was far beyond his imagination!
Originally, he wanted to call Lin Ziming for help, but he immediately changed his mind and interrupted the thought.
Lin Ziming had handed over both the Yuntian Pavilion and the Profound Pill Sect to him. If he couldn’t even solve this problem, he would appear too incompetent.
So he still intends to solve it by himself. He uses his current energy to find the other party in trouble, and speaks directly with his fist.
But in the end, the opponent’s strength far exceeded his expectations, and he was directly beaten back by the falling flowers!
Now that he had no idea, he had to ask Lin Ziming for help.
Lin Ziming frowned after listening. To be honest, he was surprised after listening. With his current strength, there are people who dare to provoke him, which is a bit interesting.
“I’m going over now.” Lin Ziming said lightly, and Jiang Liqun was overjoyed immediately.
An hour later, Lin Ziming came to Yuancheng, met Jiang Liqun, and said, “What’s the situation?”
Jiang Liqun was waiting at the door with a bunch of people. When he saw Lin Ziming, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief and strode forward, as if he had found the backbone, “Dong Lin, it’s great that you are here!”
Lin Ziming saw Jiang Liqun’s look haggard, and he knew that he had not slept well in a few days, and he was under a lot of mental pressure.
“That’s it. There is a big man who came from province H, who focused on our forces and crushed us severely.” Jiang Liqun said concisely.
“Oh, there is such a thing?” Lin Ziming narrowed his eyes slightly, “You are not his opponents, it seems that you have some strength.”
Jiang Liqun lowered his head in shame, “The subordinate is incompetent, please Lin Dong to make atonement.”
Lin Ziming waved his hand and said faintly: “Nothing, the other party rushed to me, it has nothing to do with you.”
Seeing that Lin Ziming was guilty, Jiang Liqun heaved a sigh of relief. He is looking forward to it now. If Lin Ziming takes the shot himself, he can definitely crush the opponent!
The next day, Lin Ziming learned that the other party had also opened a company and was about to cut the ribbon. Lin Ziming directly led Jiang Liqun and others to kill, and it was his usual style to fight for a tooth.

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