A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1360

The stone flies too fast, like a meteorite falling from space. It cuts through the air, and the high temperature of friction burns the stone. Almost instantly, it hits the one hiding in the corner. aims.
There was a dull movement, and at the same time a muffled grunt came.
The clown hiding in the corner was hit in the thigh by this stone. Even though he reacted quickly and escaped by an inch, he was still rubbed. A piece of meat was taken away directly, and the stone was deeply embedded in the back. On the big tree.
The clown was shocked. He had practiced the tortoise breath technique since he was a child, and he could hide his breath. Even a master of the innate realm would not be able to find his existence. But just now, he heard that Lei Zhen was troubled by Lin Ziming. He was in the mood. Fluctuations, a little shortness of breath, and was immediately discovered.
“No! I was found out, Lei Zhen is going to kill me!” The clown realized this and turned around and ran.
But Lei Zhen had already discovered him, how could he let him go and chase him directly, he wanted to see who was so courageous and dared to eavesdrop on him.
Nishang has recognized it as a clown, and she hastened to stop Lei Zhen: “Lei Zhen stop! He is a deaf man, he can’t hear our conversation at all, you can’t kill him!”
“Deaf?” Lei Zhen put down his footsteps and frowned slightly. He looked at the panicked clown in front of him, and a bright light flashed in his eyes.
The clown reacted quickly. He immediately pointed to his ear and said anxiously: “Please let me go, my lord, I am deaf and I can’t hear anything.”
The corners of Lei Zhen’s mouth raised, and a meaningful smile evoked, “There is such a coincidence, you are hiding there, you are a deaf? What you just used is tortoise breath, in the organization, people who know this technique Not much.”
The clown didn’t seem to hear what he was saying, his face was confused.
Nishang came over and said: “Lei Zhen, he is really deaf, you don’t have to embarrass him.”
“Okay.” Lei Zhen smiled, and shouted at the clown. The sound wave was huge. The clown only felt pain in his eardrums. Then, he couldn’t hear any sound, and his ears were really deaf!
The clown was emotional, but he didn’t dare to show it. He was still very confused.
But Nishang’s face suddenly changed, “Lei Zhen, are you like this!”
Lei Zhen waved his sleeves and said with a smile: “I just satisfied you and made him deaf. He is from Qin Yuehua, is he here to find out about the military situation? Okay, for your face, I can let him go.”
Ni Chang trembled with anger, but there was no way. With her strength, Lei Zhen could not be helped.
The clown was also very annoyed, and now he didn’t dare to show it. After getting Lei Zhen’s consent, he left here embarrassed.
He stopped staying, and set off immediately to Hwaseong City. He wanted to tell Lin Ziming this message!
Lei Zhen is not a good stubborn, he is a big man who can be as famous as Jian Rushuang!
Now that Lei Zhen is going to attack Lin Ziming, then Lin Ziming is really bad luck.

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